How to Debug a Price List

To debug a price list, you can use the debug formula – but this is not always possible (it does not have the full context of the PL row). Then you can try the following trick: 

  1. Create a fake element for the calculation logic.
    1. Return some constant value in it (or whatever else, it does not matter).
    2. Set it to "manual override".
  2. Save the logic.
  3. Create a price list. 
    1. Add Products to be tested.
    2. Add the fake element to the output.
    3. Calculate.
  4. Open the price list and now change the value of the fake element for every line. Every time you change the value of the fake element, the line gets re-calculated! Hooray! So you can run the logic again and again – without waiting for the price list to be scheduled.