How to Add a Link to Dashboard

Sometimes it might be useful for users to be able to open a page within Pricefx directly from the dashboard.

The easiest way is to use the addLink DashboardController method.

def controller = api.newController()
controller.addLink("Open Quote", controller.QC_DETAILS_PAGE, "P-2529")
return controller


  • This method is available from the 7.0 Bijou release and only in the Unity UI.
  • Only Dashboards, Quotes and Agreements & Promotions internal page tokens are supported in old Ember Dashboards for the controller.addButton method.

Link in a Result Matrix

Links to documents can be included in a result matrix. See an example of a dashboard logic element below, which demonstrates various format types in a result matrix, including a link to a Quote:

Definition of m.linkCell(value, targetPage, targetPageState):

  • value – Object that is passed, should contain the quote ID.
  • targetPage – The name of the page to link to:
    • priceShopPage – For redirecting to quotes.
    • dashboardPage – For dashboards.
  • targetPageState