Guidelines on Self-Sufficiency

Are you interested in taking the self-sufficiency path, to make real pricing configuration changes, to integrate with Git for configuration versioning, etc.? If yes, please read the below guidelines and best practices. 

Please note that development, configuration and final deployment to either a Quality Assurance (QA) or Production partition, especially when IntegrationManager is in the scope, requires a certain level of knowledge and experience, and the below steps must be followed.

There is no shared responsibility of code ownership and solution implementation. The pricing platform development is either “Pricefx-owned” and delivered in full with customer’s acceptance of the functionality, or “Customer-owned” from an agreed start date. Pricefx can arrange consulting services where a Pricefx Solution Architect reviews, helps, and provides design guidance, however in this model, configuration or implementation defects are not the responsibility of Pricefx.


  1. Business and pricing process knowledge
  2. Access to Pricefx HelpDesk (JitBit)

Minimum Technical Requirements

  1. A minimum of 6 months of recent development with an Object-Oriented Programming scripting language (like Groovy, Java or similar) in order to develop pricing logics.
  2. Knowledge of using Pricefx Groovy API
  3. Experience with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like IntelliJ (the standard IDE used by Pricefx) in order to be able to use Pricefx Studio plugin.
  4. A minimum of 6 months experience with the usage of any Version Controlling System (VCS), but preferably Git (the standard VCS by Pricefx).
  5. Completion of Pricefx Technical & Functional Training (whether online or onsite) and CCE Certification (currently Pricefx offers only CCE, but will be offering other certifications soon like SCE).
  6. Knowledge of customer specific solutions: *
    • Understanding of Master Data Tables & Extensions
    • Ability to troubleshoot inbound interfaces
    • Ability to troubleshoot outbound pricing
    • Experience in making changes to analyzer data sources, tables, datamarts
    • Understanding of Pricing Logic changes and testing approaches (Price Lists, Quotes, Rebates, Promotions, Claims)
    • Workflow Approval logic changes and testing approaches
    • Other

* Transfer of specific customer information is not included in the initial offering by Pricefx and must be treated as such.

Best Practices

  • Utilize Pricefx online learning platform Pricefx Universe and Developer Knowledge Base for training and help
  • Maintain versions of all prior configuration changes in Git or alternatively in other VCS
  • Attend release notes webinars to learn about new release improvements/enhancements
  • Let any change  in a Pricefx QA Partition before promoting changes to Production
  • Have a comprehensive UAT Library. Execute UAT Tests before promoting changes to Production.


It is the customer’s full responsibility to properly train, educate and supervise the personnel who will make configuration changes within the Pricefx pricing platform. Pricefx is not responsible for configuration, integration, configuration backups, and or other similar changes or interventions, which are performed by the customer. Also, configuration changes in one area of the system may affect other areas. In such cases, Pricefx Support Helpdesk will not be able to resolve the issue(s) and the customer must contact the Customer Success Manager (CSM) to arrange for an analysis and remedy thereof which will be subject to separate commercial terms and implementation charges.

It is the customer’s responsibility to assure that the proper personnel are on Pricefx’s technical and general contact list and the proper communication channel is established. If you are not sure, please contact your CSM to verify.