How to Work with Inputs in Analytics Logics

To get field values to be used in formulas:

  1. To obtain data from each row of a Datamart, use:



  2. After running the logic in a Data Load, as it iterates through each row of the Target Datamart, it will automatically access the Field Name parameter within the UserEntry("fieldName") formula. This field value can then be used in the rest of the logic.

To add data to a field with a calculation logic:

  1. Give an element in your logic the same name as the target field in the Datamart and whatever is returned in that element will be the input for that field in the Datamart when the logic is run.
  2. To run the logic:
    1. Create a new Data Load by clicking the 'Add' button and give it the same name as the target Datamart with the type 'Calculation'. 
    2. Go to the 'Target' tab and select a target Datamart from the drop-down menu. You can filter the Datamart here so the logic will only be run on certain rows of the Datamart.
    3. Go to the '4 Calculation' step and select your formula from the drop-down menu. You will see your inputs in the 'Formula Fixed Inputs' column. 
    4. To test the formula, select a Datamart row in the 'Target' tab and click 'Test Formula'. You will see the results in the 'Formula Outputs' and 'Row Result' columns. You can click the Save button to store your filter on the Datamart and your formula.
    5. Click 'Run Now' to run the logic on the target Datamart.