How to Get Full Log File for Specific Node

It may happen that a scheduled job fails with errors on a specific node on your partition. To be able to troubleshoot the issue, you need to get a full log file for that node. If you select the option 'View Logs' or 'View Logs (Full)' in Administration, you will get the logs from the node where you are logged in.

However, some calculations (like Rebate Calculation or Data Load) can run on a different (background processing) nodes, which means you do not get the log info for the calculation you are trying to debug. 

To get a log file for a different node:

  1. Find out which node you need the logs for, either from the error message if you got any (such as: Rebate Calculation scheduled job failed with errors on "node2" for xyz partition) or from the Job/Task Tracking section in Administration where you find your process.
  2. Select 'View Logs' in Administration. 
  3. Manually change the "nodeX" in the URL to the one you want and resubmit.

For example, URL formats for a staging environment look like this:

  • Log tail:
  • Full log (TXT download):