I can't see prices/dates in the Datamart


I have all the data in Data Sources and everything seems to be set up properly, but the prices in the Datamart just don't show up.


Missing Currency conversion rates

If one of the fields in the underlying data source is of the Currency type, then make sure:

  • You have one of the date fields in the Datamart marked as Pricing Date.

  • You have currency conversion rates filled in the Currency (ccy) Data Source with a valid date.

Each partition has a base currency. If your Datamart's currency differs form the base currency, you need to insert a conversion rate from the DM's currencies to the base currency.

Missing Unit of Measure conversion factors

  • You have UOM conversion rates in the Units Of Measure (uom) Data Source.

Each partition has a base unit of measure. If your Datamart's UOM differs from the base UOM, you need to insert a conversion factor from the DM's UOMs to the base UOM.

Missing Year, Quarter and Week dates

If you deployed the Datamart and the Year, Quarter and Week date fields were generated for you but are missing data, make sure:

  • You have one of the date fields in the Datamart marked as Pricing Date and set as a dimension.

  • You run the Calendar task in the Data Loads for the Calendar (cal) data source.

The Calendar task populates the Calendar (cal) data source with the necessary dates which are then pulled into the Datamart.

However, if you want to use a calendar with custom values, e.g. a calendar for your fiscal year, the steps are:

  1. Truncate the Calendar Data Source.

  2. Truncate and reload the Data Feed Calendar.

  3. Navigate to Data Loads and flush the Calendar. If you run the Calendar job, it will reload the Gregorian calendar only.

About missing conversion rates for currencies and UOMs, it’s important to note that you need all the 1 to 1 rates (due to the conversion being computed at the DB level). For currencies, since you need to provide some validity dates, you can simply import then with validFrom 1/1/1900 to 1/1/2100.

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