Set up Currency Conversion in Datamart

Every record/row of the data mart can be in a different currency. When querying the data of the data mart (either by call of Groovy API function or indirectly via built-in charts), you would like to get the aggregated data in single currency, so that the money summarizations are meaningful.

When you query the data, there will be automatic conversion of money fields to the target/requested currency. If you do not request the target currency explicitly, it will use the base currency set for the data mart.

The exchange rates are looked up at query time, meaning there is no need to refresh any Datamart after updating exchange rates.

To make the conversion work, you need to follow the next sections downhere.

Set up properly fields of data mart

  • Pricing Date - one Date field must be marked as Pricing Date function. This date will be used to lookup proper currency conversion in the ccy data source.

  • Currency - one field must be of type Currency - this field denotes in which currency are all the money values in the record. This currency value will be used to lookup the ccyFrom field of ccy data source when looking up the conversion rate.

  • Base Currency - when querying the data, you can either specify the target currency, and if you do not, then the query result will be in the Base Currency specified of the data mart.

Upload data to the ccy data source

You must upload data to the data source ccy. The currency conversions could be specified either per day, or per date range. If you specify a date range, then in the data you upload you still specify only the Valid From. The Valid to date will be automatically derived from the uploaded data right after the upload.

You must provide all combinations from Ccy From, Ccy To and Ccy Valid From.

  • Ccy From - you need to provide all currency symbols, which you’re using in your data and you will upload to the system.

  • Ccy To - you need to provide all currency symbols, which you would like your users to be able to use in the built-in charts or in the queries to data mart.

  • Ccy Valid From - the first date of the validity of the conversion rate.

  • Ccy Valid To - the date of a day right after the last dat of the validity period (i.e. this date does not belong to the validity period). I.e. the exchange rate is applied to the CcyValidFrom date, as well as any date before CcyValidTo. Note, that this value is automatically derived from the other records. So do not supply this value for the upload.

See description of all fields on page Data Source "ccy" - Currency Conversion

Configure daily conversion optimization

If you’re using exchange rates changing every day, set up the Daily conversion optimization.