How can I use more than 4 decimals in in-memory tables


Currently, when we define a field with DataType.NUMBER in an in-memory table (H2) it defines the column as DECIMAL(19.4).

This is a problem when we work with small numbers, like unit cost or unit prices, that have 5 or 6 decimal places (or more).

Is it possible to change the scale to use more decimals? If it is not, it is possible to create a Jira ticket to make it possible in future Pricefx releases?

Something like DataType.PRECISION_NUMBER that creates a DECIMAL(19.10).

In my particular case, I created many in-memory tables from PPTs, CX, etc. to execute an SQL join-select query later.


It’s true that decimal(19.4) is used in all these cases. Instead of overloading the API, I would propose we make that decimal(19.8) across the board. That’s a common data type in financial applications anyway. I’ll raise an enhancement request for that.

(Serge Cooreman)

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