Configure a Pricelist


  • Products

  • (optional) Price Parameters

  • (optional) Product Extensions

  • (optional) PriceAnalyzer – data in Datamart

What you can configure


Common things

  1. create a calculation logic with nature generic/default, which will be used to calculate each line of the pricelist. Such logic will ask user for input (input is asked only once), read data from tables and calculate the results. This logic is selected by a user when they prepare new pricelist.

  2. if you're making a pricelist with secondary dimension (e.g. country, volume tier, ...) besides the sku, create also a calculation logic of nature matrix. This logic is also selected by a user when they prepare new pricelist.

  3. create a new pricelist (in user interface) and verify, that the whole process of pricelist creation work properly.

  4. if you need the pricelist to be approved, create a workflow logic with nature default. The logic must have required name pricelist and will be used just because it is available on the partition.

  5. create a pricelist with values which help you verify, that the workflow steps are built properly.

Summary Header

  1. prepare a calculation logic of nature coHeader, which will prepare summary chart and summary results for a pricelist.

  2. create a Pricelist Type. Link your pricelist header logic from this Pricelist Type.

  3. as a user, create a new pricelist, select this Pricelist Type during pricelist setup and verify the result chart and summaries.

Limit access to Pricelists detail

Allow user to view a detail or edit a pricelist based on groups set in the fields User Group View and User Group Edit on each pricelist. This is driven automatically by system based on groups assigned to a user and groups set in the pricelist's fields.