Create a Matrix Price List

A matrix Price List is another type of Price List. Through the addition of a second key dimension, prices can be calculated, displayed and maintained (multiple times) per combination of the SKU (product) and any other dimension, such as country, quantity, customer, etc.

  1. Define a matrix pricing logic:
    1. Go to Administration > Logics > Generic Logic and create a new one.
    2. Set the logic's Nature to Matrix.
    3. Define the logic's elements, including an element that is visible and returns a set of keys:

      return [ "A", "B", "C" ]
  2. Define a Price List logic (or a product logic) that will reference the matrix logic and retrieve the key list:
    1. Go to Administration > Logics > Generic Logic and create a new one.

    2. In the element, in which you need to use the value of the secondary key, you can retrieve it this way:

  3. Create a Price List:
    1. Go to Price Setting > Price Lists and create a new one.
    2. In Default pricing logic, select the Price List logic created previously.
    3. In Matrix logic, select the matrix logic created previously.
    4. In Matrix logic element, select the element in the matrix logic that returns the key list.