How can I manipulate with datetimes?


I am working with the following date format:

def targetTimestamp = api.targetDate()?.format("yyyy-MM-dd") + 'T' + (new Date()).format("HH:mm:ss")

How can I subtract or add 5 minutes?


You can use the Calendar instance to add/subtract part of the date.

def cal = Calendar.getInstance() cal.add(Calendar.MINUTE, -5) def targetTimestamp = api.targetDate()?.format("yyyy-MM-dd") + 'T' + (cal).format("HH:mm:ss")

Or another option is:

def dt = new DateTime(api.targetDate()) return dt.plusMinutes(5)

Note that api.targetDate() gets you the time midnight (basically the day part only).

The DateTime object is of type org.joda.time.DateTime.

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