Upload Master Data in User Interface

In this tutorial you will learn how to import data into company parameter via user interface, nevertheless this principle works for all following tables:

  • Company parameter

  • Product extension

  • Customer extension

On the top of the company parameter data table, select the action Import Parameters

The dialog Import Parameters comes up.

If you do not know the required structure of the file for import yet, then do Export CSV or Export Excel to get the current data in the expected import format. If there are no data in the table yet, you will get at least the expected structure, for example in this case it would be

The header of each column is in a form Field Label [FieldName], where

  • the Field Label is optional and its value is not used for matching, it’s only for easy understanding of the column content

  • and the [FieldName] is mandatory and is used for matching the data into proper fields during upload

If you already know the structure, you can skip the Step 1.

Click on the Upload CSV or Excel file and select the file for upload. In our case, we used XLS which had following content

Now you will have the choice, how to import the data

Wait for the upload to finish and review the upload status and eventually you can re-upload, if you had some problems and you fixed the data file.

Review the data in the table

Note, that the percentage is done by formatting of the table field, it did not come with data.