There are several ways to deploy Pricefx projects to partitions.

Pricefx Studio

Pricefx Studio provides a graphical user interface within IntelliJ that allows you to deploy your project. It has the benefit that you easily can select exactly the files you want to deploy, making deployment really fast!

Pricefx Packaging Tool

You might want to set up a continuous integration, so that your project gets automatically tested and deployed when you make a commit in version control. Pricefx Packaging Tool is a command line tool that you can easily run with docker in your CI/CD pipelines. See .gitlab-ci.yml in pricefx-starter.

Pricefx Stream Maven Plugin

Pricefx provides several example projects that include sample data. While Pricefx Studio and Pricefx Packaging Tool only allow you to deploy a limited set of data, the Maven plugin has the extended capability to deploy (almost) any kind of data. Use the Maven plugin to deploy Pricefx sample projects to your development partition.

Deploy the Pricefx Starter Project

The pricefx-starter template project contains a Hello World module in the pricefxSrc folder. To deploy it – including the sample data – use the Pricefx Stream Maven Plugin. Since the Pricefx Starter project is already set-up with the plugin, all you have to do is to establish a connection by adding a Maven profile.

This option does not require IntelliJ or Pricefx Studio.

The pricefx-example-configuration contains a rich set of examples for many different use cases.