Next Steps

Now that you have got a project up and running, it is time to customize the behavior to suit your specific needs. For this purpose, the documentation provides a multitude of options to support you in your learning journey.

Conceptual Guides – These guides explain the core concepts at high level, to help you understand how the different parts work together. These articles are especially useful when you are learning about new features.

How To Guides – These guides give examples of solutions to concrete problems. They make use of open-source repositories in Github where you can find inspiration and code snippets. These articles are especially useful when you are coding.

Quick Reference – These small examples provide code snippets for easy usage in any project. These articles are useful when you are coding.

Javadocs – Javadocs lists methods and classes that are available from Groovy API. This documentation will also show with the code in your IDE. These pages and are useful when you are coding, but they do not necessarily provide the big picture or code examples.

Training – For partners and customers, Pricefx provides live instructor-led training (ILT).

Global Search (Alpha) – With the global search, you can search across several sources at once. The application is an alpha version and may be discontinued in the future.

pricefx-example-configuration – This is an example project that shows many of the most significant features.