Project Initialization

Pricefx runs in the cloud. To develop with Pricefx, you will need a cloud-based partition and a local project for development.

Quick Start

To set up a development environment for Pricefx:

  1. Download the pricefx-starter template project:

    Download Zip

  2. Install IntelliJ IDEA and Pricefx Studio.

  3. Connect Pricefx Studio to a partition. Open the project in IntelliJ. In the Project tool windows, right-click the project name to open the context menu, and select menu option Pricefx  Connect to Partition.

  4. In IntelliJ, add Framework Support for Maven to your project.

  5. Optionally, set up a Maven profile for the Pricefx Maven Plugin.

That’s it! You will find more detailed instructions below.

Project Creation

Initialize a Pricefx project with the pricefx-starter template project. This project provides a quick way to set up a new project. You will find there:

  • pom.xml

  • .gitignore

  • CI/CD configuration for GitLab (.gitlab-ci.yml) and GitHub (.github/) that uses .maven/settings.xml.

  • A Hello World program (within pricefxSrc)

  • Sample data (within pricefxSrc) which you can deploy with the Pricefx Maven Plugin.

Development Environment

Get the best development experience with IntelliJ IDEA and the Pricefx Studio plugin! Install the following:

  • IntelliJ IDEA – Integrated development environment (IDE).

  • Pricefx Studio – Plugin for IntelliJ that provides a graphical user interface for editing configuration files, running logics, fetching and deploying data, etc.

Connect Pricefx Studio to Partition

To be able to use the Pricefx Studio plugin for deployment and testing, you will need to create a connection to your partition. In IntelliJ in the Project tool window, right-click the project name, and in the context menu select Pricefx  Connect to Partition. Provide a URL, partition name, and credentials to a user on the partition.

Figure 1. The layout for creating a Pricefx connection for Pricefx Studio, under menu:Pricefx[Connect to Partition]