Upload Master Data via Excel Client

When you need to import data manually, you can use Excel Client. It allows you to import data to most of the data tables.

In this tutorial you will learn how to upload data into product master table, but the principle is the same for the other tables too.

Note, that Excel Client is a tool written in MS Visual Basic using macros and available as downloadable Excel sheet from Pricefx menu MasterData. It is working only on desktop version of MS Excel for Windows (Mac is not supported).

The destination table for the data will be a configured Product master table.

Before you use Excel Client, ensure, that your destination table has at least one record. If the table is empty, add one “dummy” record to the table. This is important, otherwise Excel Client will not be able to properly read metadata.

Here, we created product ABC

To download the Excel Client, navigate to Master Data  Excel Client.

Open the downloaded PriceFxClient.xlsm file.

When asked, click the Enable Editing button.

When asked, click on the Enable Content button.

Then the client will login to the backend automatically. This can take couple seconds. It’s possible to log in automatically, because the Excel Client file is downloaded including an access token. Note, that this token expires after some time, so if you would try to open the XLSM file later, it will require login information. It’s usually the easiest to simply download the Excel Client always again.

Once the Excel Client logs in to the partition, it will show a message

Click OK

From the Pricefx menu, click on the Products button.

Note: if your Excel window is NOT maximized, the Price f(x) ribbon might look different, and you may need to navigate this way Pricefx  Manage  Products.

The dialog appears

If you only have the dummy row in the table, or only small amount of data, then click on Download All Items. If you have thousands of products already and you’re only uploading some additional ones, then setup a filter and then use Download Filtered Set

View the result.

Paste your new data into this Excel Client sheet. Ensure you paste the data into proper columns, because it’s high likely, that your file with data has columns in different order than are here in Excel Client. Note, that Excel Client is using for ordering of columns the same Preferences, which are used by the user interface, when you open the Product master page.

Note, that the “N” flag means, that those rows will be uploaded to Pricefx partition as new data.

From the Excel Client sheet, click on the Price f(x) menu.

From the Excel toolbar, click the Update Server button. Click OK.

After upload is done, return to the Products master table in Pricefx application.

Click on the Refresh button to force the user interface to reload the data from the backend.

Examine the appended rows to the Products master table. Compare sample rows from the Excel sheet to verify that the product data was uploaded successfully to the Products master table.

Delete the dummy row, if you’ve created it. You will not need it anymore.