What is the "Logic" dropdown option on Data Source Configuration used for?


On the creation screen of a Data Source, there is a drop-down box where you can select a "PriceAnalyzer" logic type. What is it?


This is a transformation logic - similar to the one in Data Load Flush operation. It is a logic used to transform data already in the Data Source.

You can make elements in the logic with Context "Init" and in this case, loop through results of api.getDatamartRowSet("target"). Using this strategy, you can update rows with target.addRow(rowMap).

Alternatively you can make elements with the context "Row", and access the individual row info using api.getUserEntry("ColumnName"), and output the result back to the column by "return"ing my transformed result from an element with the name of the column I wish to transform.

It is triggered when data is loaded in a Data Source, either through a file upload, or a flush from a Data Feed.

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