How to reference a constant (static) member in a Groovy library

Between elements of the same logic

In one and the same logic, say a pricing logic, I can refer to a constant (e.g. parameter name) in previous elements like this:

  • Assume there is an element Params defined as 

  • Further down in the logic, in another element, those constants are looked up in something like 

This works since the static strings defined in the Params element are accessible from subsequent elements in the same logic.

Between elements of different logics

However, if element Params was defined in a Groovy library – not an unusual use case if the parameter names are to be shared across multiple logics – then the above scheme no longer works.

There is, however a way to make it work.  Say you define a Groovy library named 'PO'.  Within that library you define a Params element, but this time

  • you define the static parameter names as: 

  • Then you can refer to those parameter names in ordinary logics with