How to Assign a Unique Autogenerated ID to Price Parameters

Some solutions may require price parameters to have a unique ID, which identifies the parameter and can be passed on or referenced. This ID also should be generated automatically and not be user-editable.

How to achieve this:

Add the autogenerateKeysInPP application property (in the advanced configuration) and set its value to true.
If any MLTV (MatrixLookupTableValue, i.e., Matrix PP value) has in its metadata set that a key is read-only, it will not be possible to insert a key in the UI, and the server will autogenerate a key with a (nearly) unique value that should be parsable even to double or long (64bit-signed) type.

This applies only to MLTV and DCR over MLTV (DataChangeRequest) add function.

This feature is not supported in Excel Client and LoadData.