Configure a Quote

As a developer you want to configure the Quoting module, that will be used by sales representatives (end users) when creating new sales quotes.


What can be configured

How to proceed with configuration

Common things to do

  1. Decide, if you will have only one, or more types of Quotes.

    1. If you have only one, you will use the default Quote Type.

    2. if you plan to have more, create a new Quote Type now, and give it a name.

  2. Create a calculation logic of generic/default nature, to be used for quote items. Such logic will create input fields for the items, read data (from price lists, product extensions and/or price parameters) and calculate results. Configure/link the quote item logic in your quote type.

  3. Create a calculation logic of Quote Header nature. Such logic can perform operations on the whole quote and its items, e.g. add or remove items, create input fields on header and items, calculate results for header or items. Configure/link the quote header logic in your quote type.

  4. Verify the functionality also in the user interface - make a new quote of your type, and ensure all inputs and outputs are presented and calculated correctly.

  5. Create a workflow logic with nature default. Such logic will verify if the quote needs any approvals, and build approval workflow steps.

  6. Verify if the workflow steps are built correctly based on values you provided on a quote.

Limit access to list of quotes

you can do it in several ways:

  • show only quotes created by currently logged user. This setting is under Quoting General Settings.

  • show only quotes for customers allowed for a user via his "Customer Filter" user setting. This setting is under Quoting General Settings.

  • allow user to view a detail or edit a quote based on groups set in the fields User Group View and User Group Edit on each quote document. This is driven automatically by system based on groups assigned to a user and groups set in the quote's fields.

  • show only quotes based on a filter created by a logic. Here you have to create a calculation logic with nature quoteEntitlementFilter and in such logic builds the filter to be used to filter the list of quotes.

Limit selection of products and customers

  • create a calculation logic of nature quoteProductFilter. Such logic will limit the list of products available to user when they add new item to the quote.

  • create a calculation logic of nature customerInputFilter. Such logic will limit the list of customers available to the user when they select a customer of the quote. Also, modify your quote header logic, so that it sets this filter logic on the customer input field.


  • if you need a special action each time, when an approver approves or denies certain step in an approval workflow, then create a workflow "post step" logic of nature wfStepLogic.

  • if you have a complicated quote, where more people need to cooperate on entering information to the quote, then set up a creation workflow logic, which will build the creation workflow steps.

Publish/Export the Quote to PDF

if you need to set up an export of quote to PDF, then:

  1. create a DOCX template with replacement marks

  2. create a template preprocessing logic, which will convert the data of the quote into a shape suitable for the DOCX template

  3. create a new Publishing template, upload the DOCX template and link the preprocessing logic