I cannot delete row from Data Source via Data Load with deleteRow(Map)


I'm trying to delete a row from a Data Source via Data Load with the deleteRow(Map) function but it does not work: the row in the Data Source is not deleted after the Data Load is finished. The Data Load finishes without an error.


The target DatamartRowSet is basically a map of row key -> row values. The key is a combination of the target (usually DS or DM) key field values. That makes sure you cannot load duplicate rows.

The values are the actual data being loaded to the target table. If there are entries with isDeleted=true, then those rows will be deleted.

If a row is not represented in there (because it was not added to the target rowset or it was deleted with deleteRow), then it would not be able to affect the data in the target table.

But if there are no new rows, then the delete also does not occur.

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