Pricefx Studio

Pricefx Studio (formerly known as Logic Manager) helps you improve productivity when developing calculation logics during project implementation. With Pricefx Studio you can fetch calculation logics from remote partitions, test them and deploy them at remote partitions. Pricefx Studio runs as an IntelliJ IDEA plugin. 


With Pricefx Studio, you can:

  • Fetch calculation logics and other Pricefx objects from a selected partition.
  • Deploy calculation logics and other Pricefx objects to selected partition(s).
  • Develop the calculation logics in IDEA leveraging the integrated development environment (IDE):
    • Edit the Groovy logic elements using the rich Groovy editor
    • Make use of autocomplete for Pricefx Public API.
    • Make use of Groovy documentation for Pricefx Public API. 
  • IDEA further allows:
    • Groovy variables refactoring
    • Groovy code auto-formatting
    • Tracking logic elements changes on a code line level (requires GIT repository or other VCS)
  • Test Calculation Logic execution
  • Possibility to test Groovy code snippets in Pricefx Groovy consoles
  • Design DM/DS queries using PA SQL console and generate Groovy code out of it to be used in the logic.


If you need immediate support, you can contact the development team via Studio Teams channel or via JitBit support portal. The bug reports and new requirements can be logged under the projects PFAUT (Studio plugin) or PFIM (Package tool).

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