What type of Object can be emitted by DataFeeder?


Is there is a plan to allow Data Feed to emit any type of Object which can be further used to load limited set of rows sequentially to the Datamart?


So far we’ve not seen the need for anything but Rebate Records (for rebate allocation to the DM) and PartionedObjects in general (those with a typedCode).

In the latter scenario you call api.emitPersistedObject(String typedId) in the feeder ('producer') and the object with this typedId becomes the api.currentItem() context in the regular ('consumer') formula.

This will typically cater for all but the most advanced cases.

You can also use the new function that has been added for cases when you need allocate into Analytics other data than RebateRecords:

boolean emitDMScopedObject(final String typedId, final DMDataSlice slice)

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