Create Chart

There are three ways to define a chart in Pricefx:

  • Analytics Charts – The basic and easy option, for which no programming skills are necessary. Simply define a chart in the UI and add it to a dashboard or copy and paste the definition to your calculation logic. On the downside, rendering can be slow in the Classic UI. 
  • FlexCharts – These are the legacy dashboard charts if Analytics Charts are not flexible enough. Templates can be created to shorten the Groovy code, and some level of JavaScript support allows for advanced number formatting. Rendering is fast, as the config goes straight to the Highcharts library. Server-side parsing helps catching errors, but unfortunately this solution relies on a 3rd party library that is based on the older 4.0 Highcharts release.
  • Highcharts – Allow you to create highly flexible chart definitions with access to the full feature set of the latest Highcharts library release. Details of the chart are defined in a calculation logic, together with the data which can come either from Analytics or other storages or can be created on the fly. The chart can then be used throughout the application.