Can I query a Data Source directly?


Does anyone know of a way to query data straight out of a Data Source from a calculation logic instead of setting up a Datamart + Data Load for it?

I found that I can use the search API to find the DS, but it contains no actual data, only the structure:

api.find("DMDS", Filter.equal("uniqueName", "DSNAME"))


You need to use DatamartContext.getDastaSource(String name).

def dmCtx = api.getDatamartContext() def salesDS = dmCtx.getDataSource("SalesHistory2") def dsQuery = dmCtx.newQuery(salesDS) def filters = [ Filter.equal("Sku", api.product("sku")), ]"SUM(Revenue)", "revenue")"SUM(UnitsSold)", "unitsSold")"YearMonth", "month") dsQuery.where(filters) def result = dmCtx.executeQuery(dsQuery)

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