How to invoke a library function from another library function (defined in another element)?


Let's say I have Element1 including function f1:

def f1() { return 1 }

I tried to invoke f1 from f2 defined in Element2. Both elements are in __LIBRARY__ logic.

def f2() { return lib.Element1.f1() + 1 }

and I got an error "No such property: lib". 

I also tried:

def f2() { return Element1.f1() + 1 }

which works in a regular logic but in the library I'm getting error "No such property: Element1". 

I'm calling f2 in this way:


Element1 is defined before Element2.

What is wrong? Is there any way to call f1 from f2?


You have to call f1 through libs.__LIBRARY__.Element1:

def f2() { return libs.__LIBRARY__.Element1.f1() + 1 }

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