This section provides some helpful troubleshooting tips.


A waterfall chart within a dashboard doesn't render correctly

The waterfall chart shows e.g., lines instead of bars.

Recommended solution:

Make sure all of the templates are in the JSON format.

For example, instead of:

     credits: {
         enabled: true,
         text: "",
         href: ""

you need to have:

     "credits": {
         "enabled": true,
         "text": "",
         "href": ""

I cannot download data to Excel when working in Safari

When I use the Safari browser, I'm unable to download any data, charts, etc. to Excel.

Recommended solution:

Check the security preferences for Safari and make sure that the option Block pop-up windows is disabled.

Charts which work fine in the Classic UI fail to load in Unity

When I write a chart definition, the chart works normally in the Pricefx Classic user interface. However, when I open a dashboard containing this chart in Unity, the chart fails to load.

Recommended solution:

Charts displayed in Unity require the setGeneratedQueryDto parameter to be present in the chart definition. This line is added to the chart definition automatically, if the chart is exported from Analytics using the Chart Builder API Hint feature. If you write the chart definition yourself, please make sure that you include this parameter.

Internationalization: Translated strings are not displayed in Unity

In the Internationalization section, I have added a few translated strings but they are not displayed in Unity.

Recommended solution:

  1. Log in to the Classic UI with the same locale as you use in Unity, e.g., containing locale=en in the URL.
  2. In the Localization admin, import the translated labels.
  3. In Unity, log out and log in again. The labels should now be visible.

The Customer input field is missing on quote Header tab - Unknown Type: "" error

The Customer input field is not rendered in the UI although it is defined in the calculation logic.

Recommended solution:

Verify that the input definition also properly specifies the type of the input - InputType.CUSTOMER in this case:

quoteProcessor.addOrUpdateInput("ROOT", [
  name          : "Customer",
  filterFormula : [name : "CustomerFilter"],
  type          : InputType.CUSTOMER

Empty Drop-down menu

I am not able to enter input values as the drop-down menus are blank, without options.

Recommended solution:

Users with multiple active displays using Google Chrome on Windows may experience a problem with pages containing input elements. This is a Google Chrome issue. You may try to use a different browser.

Handle invalid saved filter definition in Advanced Filter

There can be situations, when the saved filter definition is not valid anymore (for example, the field has been renamed/removed in the Datamart). In such a case, the Advanced Filter will not work properly.
To notify users about this, we have added an alert to the Advanced Filter.

Recommended solution:

Based on the details given in the alerts, user can adjust the saved filter to make the Advanced Filter work properly.

Related ticket:  PFUN-13821 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Workflow email links lead to different UI version

Although using the React version of Quoting, Rebates or Agreements & Promotions, I'm always taken to the old Ember version when I follow the “reply to message” email link.

Recommended solution:

Replace the links in the /wiki/spaces/UDEV/pages/2626289739 with new ones that work both for React and Ember versions:

Agreements & Promotions$baseURL$/app/modules/#/pm/go-to-contracts/$entity.typedId$/messages/$msgEntity.typedId$

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Pricefx version 9.0