Bijou 7.6.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Bijou 7.6.0 PR
Release dateOctober 31, 2021
Release typePublic

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Advanced filter: If you enter a large number of values for the 'is one of' operator, only the first three values are displayed with the indication of the count of the remaining values.PFUN-10083
The Price Parameter Values panel is hidden when you access Price Parameters for the first time, and appears when a Price Parameter is selected.PFUN-11247
PriceAnalyzer: When you create a new Data Load of Model Calculation type, you can now edit the Target field.PFUN-11819

Bug Fixes

DCR price records are not listed in QuoteConfigurator/PromotionManager Price Record tables.PFUN-10467
Classic UI: Async Excel download of 900k products from the Products table times out before the spinner dialog shows up.PFUN-10491
Dashboards: Result Matrix selection is lost when user switches to Open in Dialog mode or back.PFUN-10810
When there is a cascading filter DatamartFilterBuilderUserEntry (in dashboard), the dropdown always shows all results even if the user starts to write in the field.PFUN-10953
When viewing Rebate Records table view, the attributes of rebate record are allowed to be edited.PFUN-11157
Excel/PDF exports for contracts are grouping line data incorrectly.PFUN-11341
Increase Threshold [%] & Decrease Threshold [%] is not shown as percent in LPG Configuration in Unity.PFUN-11378
Excel Client crashes when accessing a non-Accelerator Price Parameter table.PFUN-11385
Data Change Request: Deadlock error message when adding products.PFUN-11558
When creating or copying a Price List in Unity, the values for the input parameters are not persisted in Price List JSON configuration.PFUN-11604
Claims calculated without an assigned customer get broken and cannot be opened in Unity.PFUN-11637
When exporting numbers within the Price List Matrix, they get converted to Text.PFUN-11665
Rebate Records: Errors that occur during calculation are not displayed to user.PFUN-11698
Contract mass import: The character '&' is converted to & during import.PFUN-11726, 12265
Summary workflow emails are not sent.PFUN-11760
Rebate logics: The Calculation Context column is missing.PFUN-11792
Price Lists: Offered values in advanced filter are not filtered according to the text typed by user.PFUN-11813
Product Group in Price Records is not displayed correctly.PFUN-11904
Quotes (React version): "quoteAddCustomerInput" settings and feature flag work incorrectly.PFUN-11910
Advanced table: Error appears when you use the Group By column option and then click the Select All checkbox.PFUN-11938
Can't tab down through records in pricing parameter tables to update values.PFUN-11982
Data Change Request for Products: Currency, Product Unit and Label values are not displayed in DCR at all.PFUN-12012
Ship and Debit Claims: Unable to display Claim Items in Unity (TypeError).PFUN-12067
Result Matrix: Action buttons are not available.PFUN-12073
ChannelManager: Customer name is not filled correctly to Claim and is not visible on Claim landing page.PFUN-12082
Error when downloading data from Excel Client.PFUN-12133
Price Lists: An unexpected issue displays after "Save as new preference" in Product Details.PFUN-12189
Quote / Contract / Rebate Agreement / Contract Term Type pickers fetch data with double slash.PFUN-12226
Using an advance filter in the Select Product section when creating a Manual Price List displays the "Invalid command parameters (%s)" error message.PFUN-12231

Hot Fixes

The following hot fixes have been released for the 7.6 PR version:

7.6.1 PR

Price List does not fill calculation start date.PFUN-12615

7.6.2 PR

Distributed calculation in AWS fails if worker pod is terminated and replaced by a new onePFUN-12768