Bijou 7.5.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Bijou 7.5.0 PR
Release dateOctober 3, 2021
Release typePublic

In this document:


In-line editing of the names of LPG denial reasons is now possible.PFUN-7589
New user roles 'Import & Read Competition Data' and 'Import Competition Data' have been introduced to allow authorized external systems to read and upload competition data.PFUN-8996
Tables: A connected field is automatically refreshed when the value of a field, to which it is connected, is changed.PFUN-9049
A warning is displayed in the mass edit dialog that the application does not check for duplicities when mass editing fields that are part of business key.PFUN-10749
LPG: A 'Skip' button has been added to the Select Products step for cases when the user prefers to create a dynamic product filter in the following Set Parameters step.PFUN-10804
Quick and advanced filters set for tables are replicated in the Mass Action dialog where the user can conveniently clear or edit them.PFUN-10807
Left-hand side panel in Dashboards and PriceAnalyzer is collapsible on the smaller screen of mobile devices.PFUN-10945
Charts: PriceOptimizer datamart tables are organized by models to which they belong in the Data Source drop-down list.PFUN-11186
In Product inputs, both product label and ID are displayed for easy identification (only in React version).PFUN-11368
On the login page, there is now a drop-down menu you enabling you to choose the language.PFUN-11772

Bug Fixes

Duplicate names of Customer and Product Extensions are allowed to be saved.PFUN-7758
The Finalization option should not be available from the Calculation Context drop-down list in PO Models logic configuration.PFUN-7962
Logic ID is displayed in the Add, Copy and Delete dialogs instead of logic name.PFUN-8054
Salesforce: Modules opened in a new browser tab as a standalone app never finish loading.PFUN-9884
ModelCalculation Data Load doesn't work in Unity.PFUN-10157
Adding products to LPG: The Select All option is very slow or fails.PFUN-10296
PL/LPG: There are no values available in advanced filter in Customer Assignments when the Customer(s) field is selected.PFUN-10494
In Unity, the option 'Add customer input to root item' in Quote Configurator General Settings is not considered 'true' when not set in the backend.PFUN-10767
New Quote action always adds Customer Input regardless of the settings in QuoteConfigurator general settings.PFUN-10769
Last Updated By Field showing numbers in Unity vs. usernames in Classic.PFUN-10834
Ember sanitization issue: Product with "<" character is not displayed correctly in product search.PFUN-10880
Send feedback dialog: XML and CSV file types cannot be attached on Windows.PFUN-10949
api.logInfo does not work for rebate calculation - feeder.PFUN-10962
Price Lists: The Product table portlet is showing technical names, not the user field labels.PFUN-11009
PA Data Source: When a simple filter is applied in Data tab after Key columns have been re-ordered, the filter is duplicated into the previous position of the re-ordered column.PFUN-11023
When downloading data from a chart in Quote, the file is missing some rows.PFUN-11085
Customer picker ignores the format type attribute.PFUN-11165
LPG: Configurator inputs are cleared after clicking the Recalculate button.PFUN-11169
Equal/ not equal condition should allow to enter free text and the value that match with entered value should show on top on ddl.PFUN-11264

In Product Picker when user choses the between inclusive operator and then selects two string values, application does not allow to apply it.

Output with Result Type = "Link" is wrongly generated.PFUN-11328
Dashboards: Embedded dashboard is not loading - Filter `Year` = "null-01-01" is invalid.PFUN-11465
PA Rollups: The Measure row does not disappear after clicking on the Delete icon.PFUN-11472
Price Parameters: Copy of line overrides the first key.PFUN-11473
Opening a dashboard in Unity is slower than in Classic.PFUN-11511
Access restrictions based on user group are not handled appropriately in Unity.PFUN-11525
C4C: "Quote linked to specific account" doesn't work in React version.PFUN-11549
Excel client freezes when fetching Price Parameter table details.PFUN-11559
LPG: Counter of "Output elements selected ...." does not reset when changing the logic.PFUN-11584
Master Data > Customers: The format of Timestamp_Restricted_By_List does not display correctly when Add/Edit/Duplicate item.PFUN-11595
React Quote list is not refreshed after making some action that changes the state of the Quote.PFUN-11602
Dashboard Export to Excel - Asynchronous download gets stuck.PFUN-11612
Advanced filter UI doesn't show the existing filter values.PFUN-11633
Rebate Agreements: Attribute value is calculated and displayed in the Calculation results on the agreement after Save in Classic but not in Unity.PFUN-11650
Boolean user entry created using Input Builder Factory does not show Help Text / Link.PFUN-11655
It is not possible to delete price list items from withdrawn Price Lists.PFUN-11660

Saving changes in Internationalization stopped working, no request is sent to server in Unity.

Unity crashes when opening a calculation Data Load.PFUN-11723

The customer picker in Quotes is empty.

PriceAnalyzer logic configuration: The Calculation Context column is missing.PFUN-11768
LPG: Select View Preferences doesn't work properly in Unity.PFUN-11811
The window.pricefx.MAX_EXCEL_ROWS config property is not configurable anymore.PFUN-11972

Hot Fixes

The following hot fixes have been released for the 7.5 PR version:

7.5.1 PR

Calculation Data Load is not scheduled and fails.PFUN-12170
Result Matrix – Action buttons are not available.PFUN-12073