Bijou 7.4.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Bijou 7.4.0 PR
Release dateAugust 29, 2021
Release typePublic

In this document:


The new API method putCompetitionData can be used to put external data into the competition data table.PFUN-9032
Product/Customer Extensions: When during import some items are not imported, you can download a file stating the line number of the failed items and the reason of the failure. Note that the line number represents the actual row number of the item in Excel where the line #1 is the header.PFUN-9487
PriceAnalyzer: Rollups can be selected as a source in Data Loads.PFUN-10509
Rebate Records: A notification about success/failure is displayed when a rebate record is saved, calculated or submitted.PFUN-10696
You can hide the Revoke button on the Quote, Contract and Rebate Agreement list and detail pages. Use the method setRenderInfo('revokeButton', 'hide', true) in the header logic. You can hide the Edit button in the Ember version of the Quote, Contract and Rebate Agreement list page. Use the method setRenderInfo('editButton', 'hide', true) in the header logic.PFUN-10995
Hidden fields are no longer queried and displayed in the Classic UI data tables. If you still want to have them displayed, set the new advanced configuration option paShowHiddenFieldsInDataGrid to true.PFUN-11412
LPG: In the filters of the Mass Action dialog, all the possible values of the selected attribute are offered in a drop-down list.PFUN-11443
LPG: The counter has been removed from the Mass Action dialogue as it did not display the correct count in specific scenarios, possibly causing confusion. The filter will be re-enabled in later versions.PFUN-11513
Data Change Requests is now available as a default portlet in Customer detail view. It only displays manually edited requests, not mass-edited requests.PFUN-11521

Bug Fixes

Bound partitions configuration: Required fields values can be deleted and no warning is displayed.PFUN-8111
The label of the text box in the Add Watcher dialog should be Reason not Comment.PFUN-8325
Product Detail View: In the Price Calculation portlet, the scroll bar of the Calculation Results scrolls automatically till the end of the table.PFUN-8570
A view preference saved on the details page of one logic type is available also on detail pages of all other logic types.PFUN-8641
In Workflow logics configuration, the non-applicable value "Simulation Only" is available in the Status drop-down list.PFUN-8838
Data Change Request: Error is shown when selecting values of some elements in the advanced filter.PFUN-9263, 9264
It should not possible to rename and customize the User Group column in Quote, Contract and Rebate Types.PFUN-10690
Product group entry throws an unexpected error.PFUN-10742
Charts: Wrong excel file is exported when chart includes a dimension filter.PFUN-10751
In Unity, the option 'Add customer input to root item' in Quote Configurator General Settings is not considered 'true' when not set in the backend.PFUN-10767
Rebate Agreements: HTML tag <b> is displayed instead of bold formatting.PFUN-10781
Data Sources, Datamarts: Comparison modal window does not show different order of system fields.PFUN-10866
QuoteConfigurator: It is not possible to add a product on the Items tab using product picker.PFUN-11031
String values with double quotes in CSV files are not after export correctly imported back to Master Data tables.PFUN-11071
Data Change Requests is not available as a default portlet in Product detail view.PFUN-11110
Dashboards: Table context menu in configurator is not displaying all the available options.PFUN-11112
Dashboards: Waterfall chart is displayed as line chart in Unity instead of bar chart.PFUN-11113
When creating a new Data Load in Unity, Type is not a required field.PFUN-11163
Rebate Records: The Mass Submit button disappears from the list page after it has been used.PFUN-11166
It is possible to save a Rollup with an empty label.PFUN-11217
If a user has a PA entitlement restriction and has the "Manage Model" role (PO_MODEL_MANAGER), the PA entitlement is not taken into account.PFUN-11241
Price Parameter table does not allow saving records after fixing duplicate key (Classic).PFUN-11242
In PriceOptimizer when Pricing Step is recalculated, new policy records don't show right away.PFUN-11249
inputBuilder: It is not possible to use helpLink separately without helpText.PFUN-11282
Method param.setReadOnly(true) for inputs in rebate record context doesn't work in Unity.PFUN-11291
LPG: Unable to calculate when using Dynamic Filter with an attribute from Product Extensions.PFUN-11329
Data table does not show any data when an advanced filter with OR is used.PFUN-11336
Dashboard refresh stopped working once inputs preference is saved/selected.PFUN-11337, 11339
When a logged in user changes a password, an error is returned.PFUN-11350

QuoteConfigurator (Ember): It is not possible to select quote type on mobile phone.


The Data Entitlements tab is not available on DataSource definition page.

LPG: The Mass Edit button is not displayed on the detail page.PFUN-11389
Dashboard preference with saved inputs does not load the input values.PFUN-11406

Hot Fixes

The following hot fixes have been released for the 7.4 PR version:

7.4.1 PR

Embedded Dashboard is not loading - Filter `Year` = "null-01-01" is invalid.PFUN-11465
Dashboards - Unity is slower than Classic.PFUN-11511
Dashboard Export to Excel - Async download takes much more time than in Classic.PFUN-11612
PriceOptimizer: Drag and drop vanished for PriceDrivers and Segmentation tabs.PFUN-11627
Saving changes in Internationalization stopped working, no request is sent to server.PFUN-11706
Unity crashes when opening a calculation Data Load.PFUN-11723

7.4.2 PR

Fix read-write split on main schema.PFUN-11868

7.4.3 PR

In Export/Import dialog of Quote line items pasted data without header aren't parsed correctly at first.PFUN-11867

7.4.4 PR

Timeout when trying to open a saved chart in Unity.PFUN-12201

7.4.5 PR

Contract mass import: The character '&' is converted to &amp; during import.PFUN-11726, 12265