Bijou 7.3.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Bijou 7.3.0 PR
Release dateAugust 1, 2021
Release typePublic

In this document:


In Customer inputs, both customer name and ID are displayed for easy identification (only in React version). PFUN-5189
Price List / LPG: In the Output Elements table, you can now see how many elements have already been selected from the 100 element limit.PFUN-8233
You can upload data to Price Parameter tables. Download the table data as a CSV or XLSX file, modify it and re-upload. PFUN-8800
The new API method "getProductsSetsForCompetitionData" returns the lists of Product sets, so that the competition data provider can retrieve the product sets for which competition data will be provided.PFUN-8997
Charts: When a charts is added to a dashboard, a confirmation message with a link to the dashboard is displayed.PFUN-9105
On the new Competition Data API page (System Configuration > External Systems) you can define a set of products for which you want to receive competition data from an external data provider.PFUN-9230
Charts: PriceOptimizer AI model's tables are supported as data sources, i.e., you can build charts from PO AI data.PFUN-9907
Customize columns: Imported values are validated when 'Restrict values by filter' is set for a column.PFUN-9945
The following methods have been added to inputBuilderFactory: createDMField(String Param Name, String source), createDMFields(String paramName, String source), createParsableInputTypeFile(String paramName), createRebateAgreement(String paramName), createDMSource(String paramName).PFUN-10239
Rebate Agreement Template logics can be created and managed in Unity.PFUN-10253
Tables: React advanced filters are now available also in Ember parts of the application.PFUN-10451
QuoteConfigurator: Newly added item can be automatically selected so that you can immediately start working with it. This functionality has to be enabled in QuoteConfigurator General Settings.PFUN-10578
Dashboards: It is possible to add translations of dashboard labels in portlets.PFUN-10704
Dashboards: In embedded dashboards, it is saved into the view preference whether the inputs section is expanded or collapsed.PFUN-10705
Dashboards: You can translate the labels of dashboards on the Configuration > Dashboards page. PFUN-10883
Dashboards: Values in hidden inputs are not saved into view preference but are always updated from the calculation logic. PFUN-10888
Link to the support help desk in Help and Send Feedback panels is no longer visible to Blade users as they have different channels of communication.PFUN-10911
Improved usability of the product selection dialog: In the Text Input dialog, products are added in just one click. PFUN-11024
Ship and Debit Claims detail: The message "Submitted" has been changed to "Submission queued".PFUN-11180

Bug Fixes

In PriceAnalyzer, the FC row count refresh loop is broken, the count was only done once, at node startup.PFCD-7716
In PriceAnalyzer, datamart.export sometimes creates a corrupted .gz file.PFCD-7717
In PriceOptmizer, the calculation step name is not injected into the logic/Groovy context when running a calculation.PFCD-7720
Configurator: Displays incorrect Source Table list if selected Source Type is PP.PFUN-7845
Quote / Contract / Rebate Agreement detail: In the Product/Customer Group picker, the number of selected items is incorrect.PFUN-7964
Errors thrown by configurator logic are not shown in Unity.PFUN-8021
Live Price Grid: Element, for which the option Hide in the Item List has been enabled, is still displayed on the LPG element list for Default Field.PFUN-8168
System Admin > Partition Admin: Some of the entered values are not saved when you create a new partition.PFUN-8864
Configuration > Logics: In the Default Pricing Logic menu, the empty option displays as "null".PFUN-9143
User Admin: When you do a copy of an existing user, the server doesn't validate a number of licences.PFUN-9359
JSON2 Price Parameter - Modification of one key causes deletion of the other.PFUN-9540
Configuration Wizards - Wizard inputs are not correctly aligned.PFUN-9725
UTF8-mb4 “characters” in email body can cause a crash during workflow processing.PFUN-9938
When I select a value in the “Copy preferences from” field when creating a new Price List and then I open its definition, the “Copy preferences from” field is not populated. As a fix, this field is no longer available in the PL definition as copying preferences is a one time action performed when creating a PL.PFUN-10180
Batch related error messages after Vesper release.PFUN-10247
DCR, LPG, Claims, Deal Plans: Submission incorrectly shows a success message when the workflow throws an exception.PFUN-10276
LPG configuration: LPG logic change does not force reseting of the LPG metadata (used output elements).PFUN-10536
Dashboards: "Set Filter" is still displayed after a filter is set.PFUN-10538
React: The "common_notAuthorized" message is not localised.PFUN-10552
PriceAnalyzer Rollups: Saved view preferences are not applied.PFUN-10571
Batch update returned an unexpected row count.PFUN-10576

Mail sending may generate unlimited sending threads in some cases.


sendEmailOnJSTFailure=true option may generate emails with body=NULL.

Redesign Alignment Flag Fields - Not calculating when LPG line item is overridden.PFUN-10626
Dashboards: Incorrect value is displayed in tooltip.PFUN-10666
Excel download is not working for a dashboard with translated result matrix columns.PFUN-10677
Inconsistent date formatting in date pickers. Fix: All date and datetime pickers are now set according to locale.PFUN-10694
QuoteConfigurator (Ember version): Incorrect behaviour when Quote Type name contains "&".PFUN-10730

LPG: Set column color is lost after LPG recalculation.


Dashboard: No data is shown when chart includes multiple values of a dimension filter.

Rebate Records mass submit is submitting RR even if calculation logic throws a critical alert.PFUN-10753
LPG Mass Actions - some columns are missing in the Mass Action filter.PFUN-10785
Manual overrides done via Excel client / Mass edit are not used in the calculation.PFUN-10786
Mass Submit corrupts inputs in Rebate Records.PFUN-10789
User Admin: Assigning user roles sometimes does not work.PFUN-10803
Configuration > Dashboard Admin: Save configuration button is displayed for Investigate for Support user role (read-only mode).PFUN-10850
Datamarts: The 'Source' field value cannot be cleared.PFUN-10854
Extend redis log sliding window size to 10000.PFUN-10865
LPG Mass Action: The number of items matching current criteria shows incorrectly when a filter is applied.PFUN-10869

Groovy API now supports .withAverage() wherever .withTotal() and .withPerUnit() was already supported (main/axis aggregations, additional measures, limit to).

PA Rollups - Deleting measures from list removes the wrong item after changed order.PFUN-10902
Tables: Resetting quick filter by clearing its value does not work.PFUN-10913
AlwaysEditable: When an item is duplicated, input on the duplicated item is not alwaysEditable.PFUN-10926
In workflow email, the "Submitted By" value is changed from the Submitter to the Approver.PFUN-10937

LPG: Approval State “Denied” does not disappear after a manual overwrite - submission is not possible (in multi-pass calculation).

Rebate Records - Submit button should not be visible if Rebate Agreement hasn't yet been approved.PFUN-10957
It is not possible to add an attachment to approved Rebate Agreement.PFUN-10971
Deleted workflow delegation is still applied.PFUN-10976
When using React advanced filter, suggestions are working only for Customer Name but not for other fields.PFUN-10988
User cannot access PriceOptimizer module if logged in to a partition as root.PFUN-11005
Cluster name validation property is set only on second node startup.PFUN-11008
Import & Export: Import with comma decimal separator doesn’t work regardless of localization. Multiple tiers are not imported if numbers have a decimal point.PFUN-11054

As the database uses an encoding which uses 3 bytes per character, any character that requires more bytes (e.g., emojis) will throw an exception.

Configurator: The Apply button for inputMatrix doesn't work.PFUN-11073
Pricefx Studio SSO relay state is incomplete in Bijou and does not work.PFUN-11074
Calculated persisted Datamart fields lack currency conversion.PFUN-11128
PriceOptimizer: Actions (e.g., rename) on models are applied to the wrong ones.PFUN-11135
PA Simulation - Output fields preference doesn't apply and outputs are missing in simulation results.PFUN-11137
PA Rollups: Second dimension of the same kind but with a different aggregation is not shown.PFUN-11148
CFS cannot be started, UI returns error "Could not find property '' on class MatrixLookupTableMeta - http 400 response.PFUN-11269
PA Charts: User cannot use more than 1 dimension filter.PFUN-11298

Hot Fixes

The following hot fixes have been released for the 7.3 PR version:

7.3.1 PR

LPG: Unable to calculate when using dynamic filter with attribute from Price Extension.PFUN-11329
Dashboard refresh stops working once inputs preference is saved/selected.PFUN-11337, 11339

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