Bijou 7.2.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Bijou 7.2.0 PR
Release dateJune 27, 2021
Release typePublic

In this document:


PriceOptimizer: A confirmation message appears when a model import finishes successfully.PFUN-6610
In the User Admin table, there is a drop-down list now in the “Email locale” column with the available locales.PFUN-7251
Only errors, warning and alerts are now shown in Notifications. Success and info messages are displayed only on-screen.PFUN-7467, 10570
The drill-down functionality is supported for Highcharts maps.PFUN-8154
PriceAnalyzer:  When adding a new field to Datamart or Data Source, it is now done in a dialog.PFUN-8211
A confirmation message is displayed when new fields are successfully added to Datamart or Data Source.PFUN-8525
Charts: Multiple values can be selected in the dimension filter.PFUN-8766
Charts: It is possible to set a default aggregation expression for the Formula Builder.PFUN-8918
The Reset Column Name and Type option has been added to the column menu in Unity.PFUN-9054
Workflow messages generated from templates as HTML pages are now displayed in the user's preferred language (set as Email Locale in User Admin).PFUN-9185
Inputs for an embedded dashboard are displayed in a collapsible section, separately from the main dashboard's inputs.PFUN-9931
Dashboards: The options to reset the default or global default dashboards are available from the menu only when the default dashboard is currently displayed.PFUN-9376
The Created column with the date of the creation of a workflow is available in My Approvals, My Workflows and My Pending Creation Workflows tables and in the My Pending Approvals portlet on the Home page.PFUN-10161
Dashboards: Item values passed in a URL parameter can be used to create dynamic inputs.PFUN-10414
Advanced filters: The 'between' operator is available for ranges of relative dates.PFUN-10423
The new ResultMatrix.setDisablePreferences() Groovy API option enables you to ignore the result matrix table preference which is useful when the matrix is part of a dashboard and you do not want to save the matrix layout as part of the dashboard preference.PFUN-10426, 10505
The ID and label of Quotes is displayed in the notification messages.PFUN-10480
A Search button is available in the Help panel that launches the search for the string typed in the search field.PFUN-10496
Optimization Engine: The results writing performance has been improved.PFUN-10521
A new cluster-wide config option has been added to pricefx-config.xml that enables you to set X-Frame-Options HTTP header values.PFUN-10568
The backend build number is displayed on the User Settings page.PFUN-10702

Bug Fixes

In PriceOptimizer, several columns in the Policy Records menu are sorted incorrectly.PFCD-7495
User needs to log in twice after password change.PFUN-6526
Excel Client and Configuration Wizards submenus are visible for roles View Customer Hierarchy, Manage Customer Hierarchy, Manage Customer Assignments, Manage Calculated Field Sets.PFUN-7838
Use groups are pre-filled in new Quote/Contract even though this is disabled in Entitlements.PFUN-8083
Configurator mandatory fields are not required for submitting when there are multiple configurators in a Contract.PFUN-8371
Mass upload is not working for Promotion Manager - not possible to pick CustomerGroup and ProductGroup attribute during import.PFUN-9248
Cannot change the order of fields in Data Source schema window.PFUN-9362
Dashboards: Logic elements are not translated in Unity.PFUN-9392
User with "Edit QuoteConfigurator" can see the "Revoke Deal" button.PFUN-9478
Attribute # appears on saved product / customer picker filters using extensions.PFUN-9692
Rebate Records: When filtering in the table in the detail view, the filter is applied on all Rebate Records, not only those with the same Source ID.PFUN-9922
When a Quote is not saved and user directly submits the Quote, the submitter comment pop-up won't be shown.PFUN-9986

PA Rollups: It is not possible to format number in the Measures section.


When creating a new Price List, I get the following error: User hasn't required permission: APPLICATIONPROPERTIES_FETCH.

When using the 'Import Products' option for Product Extensions in Unity and selecting the 'Upload CSV or Excel file' option under step 2 an upload error is returned.PFUN-10260
Action buttons are displayed for the Investigate for Support user role (though returning an error when clicked).PFUN-10284, 10286
When users are forced to change their password (password expiry date) they end up in endless circle.PFUN-10295

Custom date filter that was set in Classic fails in Unity.


Saved Dashboard filter preference is saved (and loaded) but not visible in the UI.

All header fields are used in join clause - data fields == business fields.PFUN-10353
Payout Records: User with RM_REBATERECORDS role cannot see the 'Calculate' button making it impossible to calculate payout records.PFUN-10402
Emails containing ‘invisible’ chars that are considered as suspicious by the email client library are not sent.PFUN-10413
When opening Data Source data in Unity, application is also fetching ApplicationProperties and it throws an error for the user who doesn't have this permission.PFUN-10431
Portlets on Product Details Page not working.PFUN-10503
Empty baseUrl in bound calls configuration gets filled in instead of staying empty.PFUN-10507
A user with only the View Plans user role cannot see the configurator inside the Deal Plan > Key Information.PFUN-10513
Deal Plans > Configurators (Recoil forms): Saved value is not displayed when you switch between steps.PFUN-10524
Dashboard GET parameters are not always picked up.PFUN-10529
PayoutRecordManagerImpl.delete() does not apply filter.PFUN-10530

When I create a new LPG, apply a filter in the product picker and click Select All, it seems like nothing is happening. Fix: Button changes to Select Filter when a filter is applied and a loading wheel is displayed.

Deal Plans > Negotiations: Filled Round Summary value disappears when you add a Round Item.PFUN-10542
Deal Plans: Empty required fields inside a configurator are not red highlighted when you try to save changes.PFUN-10543
Deal Plans > Key Information: App crashes when you fill in the filter in ProductFilterBuilder input and submit (read-only).PFUN-10546
Price List calculations checked as "distributed" by default in Unity are causing issues on single node clusters.PFUN-10555
Product Extension Excel download error for global partition.PFUN-10580

Distributed calculation does not work for a copy of Price List.

React Quote Configurator: Submitted Quotes with a HIDDEN input type with object / complex value cannot be opened.PFUN-10647
Setting of binaryDataService.(maxBinarySize|maxPartitionBinariesSize) is limited by Integer.MAX_VALUE.PFUN-10653
Setting the default Dashboard as hidden breaks the Dashboards page.PFUN-10672
Live Price Grid: Status update view is not available in Unity.PFUN-10712
Users can edit label of products in Quotes (Ember), but it should be possible only in Contracts and Rebate Agreements.PFUN-10736
RebateManager: User with View Rebate Records is not able to Mass Approve / Deny.PFUN-10746
Dashboard – Histogram: The Z Axis is not shown.PFUN-10750
Unexpected type is thrown when trying to read PricelistType (type is not whitelisted).PFUN-10773
Rebate Records: Manual override options are not available after save/recalculation.PFUN-10800
Result Matrix row with button click event support cannot be selected.PFUN-10805
Result Matrix selection remains even when content of embedded dashboard has changed.PFUN-10809
Advanced Table: It is not possible to reset filter in any table.PFUN-10819
Dashboards: Data Filter section header is displayed even when there are no inputs.PFUN-10845

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