Bijou 7.1.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Bijou 7.1.0 PR
Release dateMay 30, 2021
Release typePublic

In this document:


The Data tab is now available for Highcharts.PFUN-3148, 10014
Mass approval of line items in Rebate Records is possible.PFUN-6385
Data Change Request: The Mass Changes panel is hidden when there are no mass changes and is collapsible when there are.PFUN-6786
Quote Status and Workflow status are displayed in the Quote header in the React version of Quote detail page.PFUN-8137
The name of the Quote is editable in the header on the detail page in the React version.PFUN-8139
ID, uniqueName and typedID can be used as page token parameters for all entities whose detail page is displayed in the React version.PFUN-8191
PriceAnalyzer Charts/Rollups: Fields marked as hidden in the Datamart are available for usage in Formula Builder.PFUN-8385
The new advanced configuration option maxPATablesFetchLimit sets a new default limit for the number of columns that are displayed in Datamart and Data source data tables.PFUN-8519
Output elements as defined by the calculation logic are displayed on the Header tab in the React version of Quote detail.PFUN-8681
Help text for user input elements can be configured in the calculation logic.PFUN-8700
Outputs can be displayed and overridden (where allowed) in the table on the Quote Items tab in React.PFUN-8738
All input and output types now work in the table on the Quote Items tab in React.PFUN-9386
If an empty table is downloaded from the Product/Customer Extension page, the file now contains the table header.PFUN-9472
The Send Feedback dialog now requires users to enter a title.PFUN-9473
It is now possible to use Product Master Data columns as filtering criteria in advanced filters.PFUN-9861
The new column “Default” has been added to the Rebate Calculations table showing which Rebate Calculations are default.PFUN-9913
Simple filter set in React Quote list is kept after opening the Quote detail and returning back.PFUN-9948
New logging UI is now available also for single node clusters.PFUN-10087
There is a new Help icon in the header: after clicking the icon a search field displays and performs live search in the Pricefx Unity documentation. The search results open in a new tab.PFUN-10151
Charts: The contextual Refresh option has been removed. Chart can be refreshed by the "Apply and Refresh" button or the Refresh icon in the top-left corner.PFUN-10173
The application UI has been localized into three new languages: Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.PFUN-10207

Bug Fixes

PX.attribute values restricted by a drop-down list are not required in Excel Client and so it is possible to import any data.PFCD-7620
In PriceAnalyzer, there is an inconsistent index name casing in create vs. exists SQL commands.PFCD-7697
When you submit Contracts with no Customer/Product Group filled in, it takes too long.PFCD-7699
When there are more calculation logics of the same name, all are marked as default not just the one with the most recent validity date.PFUN-8089
Email Admin: It is not possible to change the order of table columns by drag and drop. Users have to do it in the 'Select fields to display' dialog.PFUN-8288
Import/Export/Archiving: It is not possible to quick-filter by the Status column.PFUN-8293
Home page – Contracts: It is not possible to quick-filter by the Workflow Status column.PFUN-8328

LPG: Users with role "Edit LPG & Add Products" are not able to click the Save button in the Configure if the LPG contains a Configurator.


Quote Configurator dashboard integration does not work with multiple dashboards.

Dashboards: Redundant fields Details and Warnings appear in pop-up configurator advanced filter.PFUN-8566
PriceAnalyzer Charts/Rollups: Currency is not converted if a Currency type field in DM/DS is Text.PFUN-8586
Rebate Agreement line item label cannot be edited.PFUN-8667

“Copy preferences from” field is not carried over and populated when duplicating a price list even though global preferences are set on that price list type.

PromotionManager: It is not possible to edit labels of Contract line items.PFUN-8759
Error 404 on setting new password after expiration.PFUN-8957
Labels of option columns in Input matrix are broken.PFUN-9008
SSO-only users' passwords are checked against PFX password complexity rules and the users are prompted to change their password.PFUN-9106
Advanced Filter relative dates – wrong filtering for condition "less than or equal".PFUN-9432
Dashboards: Users are able to select a parent folder in the Dashboards tree by keyboard arrows. After pressing Enter, the screen keeps loading infinitely.PFUN-9456
Calculation Results remain on the screen after filtering the item list.PFUN-9504
PriceOptimizer AI: Entries are not showing in dynamic parameter tables drop down menu.PFUN-9622
PriceBuilder Summary: Export function does not work.PFUN-9703

PromotionManager Price Records: It is allowed to mass edit Source ID and Line ID.

Export PX/CX to XLSX: Export button should be disabled when number of rows exceeds 1M rows.PFUN-9791
Dashboard – Histogram: The Z Axis is not shown.PFUN-9815
Advanced Filters: Filter operator list in Unity do not contain all the operators as in Classic.PFUN-9838
Quotes/Contracts/Rebate Agreements – eSignature: Wrong time is displayed in Set Date and Last Update Date fields.PFUN-9843
PriceBuilder Simulation: Unable to convert to PriceList in case Simulation is created with the option "Save only changed items" enabled.PFUN-9867

Bar & Line chart – Auxiliary line: Data label is not shown although the 'Show Data Labels' option is enabled.

It is not possible to select the "Rebate" option on the Rebate Calculation creation page.PFUN-9914
Charts show an auxiliary line (Line type) which is different from Classic.PFUN-9917
Datamart Viewer: Wrong CSV file is exported when using simple filter.PFUN-9932
Calculation logics: Changes to alerts are not saved correctly when switching between elements.PFUN-9936
UTF8-mb4 “characters” in email body can cause a crash during workflow processing.PFUN-9938
Dashboards: Required field is not marked with red asterisk.PFUN-9939
PriceOptimizer AI: Download(zip) button does not work in Tables and Details.PFUN-9946
Calculated Field Sets: Column with warnings is missing.PFUN-9960
QuoteConfigurator: Added row in input matrix is not immediately shown after clicking on Add button.PFUN-9984
Dashboards: The "No Data" info is not displayed on the portlet canvas when there are data to be shown.PFUN-10021
Unity displays irrelevant filter inputs in a Blade dashboard.PFUN-10023
Import to PX/CX: Server allows user to upload duplicate records even though fields are set as Business keys.PFUN-10029
Users with the Investigate for Support role cannot access Payout Records.PFUN-10042
Workflow delegation: User selection takes several minutes and sometimes ends in a timeout.PFUN-10051
Quote Types: JSON configuration is not formatted in the pop-up dialog.PFUN-10053
Unable to add chart to Dashboard in Unity.PFUN-10055
Rebate Agreements: Configurator loads in Classic but not in Unity.PFUN-10063
Import to PX/CX: Upload slot is not closed after getting server Error 500.PFUN-10070
Charts: Edited name of a series is not propagated to the Data table.PFUN-10097
My Dashboards: Direct link to any dashboard leads to error 404.PFUN-10143
InputBuilder: setValueHint method does not work for inputBuilders.PFUN-10155
QuoteConfigurator: Comment box is missing in the submit confirmation dialog.PFUN-10156
Dashboards: Invoking Drill-Down by Group By on any row (and any attribute) in a data table results in TypeError.PFUN-10164
Incorrect rootUniqueName and uniqueName values returned for Quotes when serialising Quote to JSON in header logic.PFUN-10179
Changing label for Rebate Record attributes is not possible in Unity.PFUN-10189
Master Data – Customer detail: Error when trying to display the Price Records portlet.PFUN-10216
When I copy a Price Parameter table and then adjust the new table the original one is updated instead.PFUN-10222
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when running concurrent DatamartContext.executeSqlQuery() calls (e.g. in distributed LPG).PFUN-10225
New Price List definition – Adding products via Text entry is not working if there are preferences defined in the Products Picker table.PFUN-10231
DmFilter class is not whitelisted and preventing to create a dmFilter input type.PFUN-10262
Embedded dashboard is not refreshed according to main dashboard Result Matrix selection.PFUN-10288
Default Preference view is not available for Result Matrix.PFUN-10289
Main dashboard looses Result Matrix selection once embedded dashboard is refreshed.PFUN-10293
Highcharts do not work correctly in Dashboard portlets.PFUN-10297
Input Matrix is suddenly updated if you sort it by a column.PFUN-10299
Internationalization: Missing translation keys for default columns in certain PP/CX tables.PFUN-10300
Internationalization is not applied when you log out and log in again.PFUN-10314
Customer Detail portlet logic execution fails.PFUN-10321
For Price Lists with many results, the Product Details page is not shown correctly. When another portlet is added, it's not visible for the user.PFUN-10334
Product Extensions: Equals and Specific Date filters return no data.PFUN-10375
Quantiles values are missing for all but the first data point, affecting some PA queries and all Boxplot charts.PFUN-10398
SSO: Not able to read a parameter in the URL placed before #.PFUN-10403
Emails containing ‘invisible’ chars that are considered as suspicious by the email client library are not sent.PFUN-10413
Copying a logic does not copy its elements.PFUN-10425

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