Vesper 6.3.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Vesper 6.3.0 PR
Release dateFeb 28, 2021
Release typePublic

In this document:


Communication between SAP C4C and React components of the application is now supported.PFUN-6317
PriceOptimizer: The model.addTable API method can now specify the label on top of the columns when creating a table and the model.loadTable method has been introduced to load data into an existing table from a query.PFUN-8026
It is possible to send Quote attachments by email to the approver when Quote is submitted. The Quote must be saved before you submit it.PFUN-8556
LargeDealOptimizer: Email notifications are sent when a new action is assigned to the user or the due date has passed. Also, the action creator is notified when the action's status changes.PFUN-8595
LargeDealOptimizer: Price Lists and other Deal Plans can be attached as a document to Deal Plans.PFUN-8596, 8965
InputType.MULTITIERENTRY has been implemented for Input Builders.PFUN-8856
Excel Client: On LPG recalculation, only fields where the overridable value has changed are recalculated. PFUN-8935
Advanced Table: Performance improvement to make scrolling faster.PFUN-9064

Bug Fixes

Dashboard that works in Classic does not work in Unity.PFUN-5347
Config option "Save and Calculate new Quote / Contract / Agreement immediately" doesn't work in Unity.PFUN-7523
Logic input configurator is not cleared when logic changes.PFUN-7747
Dashboards > datamartFilterBuilderUserEntry: Incorrect data is returned when filtering and sometimes the app even crashes.PFUN-8143
Charts: Cannot show combination of Bar and Line if the measure is the same DM field.PFUN-8379
Empty column in QuoteConfigurator table view.PFUN-8421
Warning icon is not shown in Quote line item overview list.PFUN-8447
When I am creating Data Source from template it's created as common DS without a relation to the template source.PFUN-8486
Rebate Agreement - Missing item input field that is visible in Classic.PFUN-8514
DM Data Manager: Filter does not work properly.PFUN-8517
Summary for Price List doesn’t work on Unity when we change the weight.PFUN-8520
Advanced Filter is displaying wrong values to select in Unity.PFUN-8537
QuoteConfigurator: Availability of a Quote is dependent on the order of assigned User Groups in the View section.PFUN-8547
QuoteConfigurator: Missing Customer input in DealManager > Items > Input parameters in Unity.PFUN-8626
QuoteConfigurator: Problem with selecting values in CustomerGroup and ProductGroup inputs in Ember.PFUN-8653
PriceOptimizer: PP tables associated to model are not deleted with the model.PFUN-8684
PriceOptimizer > Models list: Model restricted by User Group (View Details) should not be clickable.PFUN-8717
PriceOptimizer > Models: Action buttons rendered in read-only state.PFUN-8718
Price Lists > Inline Configurator: User is able to Create a new PL although required fields in Inline Configurator are empty.PFUN-8726
Updating LPG's editable columns via Excel Client is taking too long.PFUN-8770
Chrome memory leak in browser when viewing items.PFUN-8784
Cannot pass a single value to URL when using URL to open a dashboard.PFUN-8787
There are number format issues in PA calculations and data imports.PFUN-8823
Excel Client: Retrieving PX table with INT formatted column containing long integer value results in ArgumentOutOfRange exception.PFUN-8832
The money fields in PriceBuilder components showing with a currency next to the value is not displaying correctly.PFUN-8854
PriceOptimizer Optimization Engine: Filter details table is based on name instead of label.PFUN-8871
Quotes/Contracts/Rebate Agreements: Calculation results are missing on subfolder level.PFUN-8890
QuoteConfigurator: Unable to display Quote calculation results in Matrix window - "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined".PFUN-8897
QuoteConfigurator: Cannot view Items for some quotes after upgrade 6.2.PFUN-8904
Unable to display measure as both bar and a line in PriceAnalyzer.PFUN-8945
Product Group / Customer Group Picker: Dynamic Product Picker not implemented.PFUN-9002
PriceBuilder: Serialization error when processing distributed LPG.PFUN-9044
Unity by default shows all attribute columns when the Simulation detail page is opened.PFUN-9053

Hot Fixes

The following hot fixes have been released for the 6.3 PR version:

6.3.1 PR

Dashboards: Table column value alignment is not consistent with table header.PFUN-9099
PriceOptimizer: Enable preferences for model list.PFUN-9208

6.3.2 PR

When reloading the Quote Items page (by Recalculate, Mass Edit or other actions), there is Tree Table memory leak.PFUN-9365

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