Vesper 6.2.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Vesper 6.2.0 PR
Release dateJan 31, 2021
Release typePublic

In this document:


The Edit QuoteConfigurator user role is available in Unity.PFUN-6823
Quick filters can be added to Input Matrix using the configuration parameter cp.addParameterConfigEntry("enableClientFilter",true).PFUN-7001
LargeDealOptimizer: The list of all Pricefx documents (Quotes, Contracts, Rebate Agreements and Claims) related to the customer selected on the Key Information tab (if implemented) is available on the Related tab of the Documents table in the Assessment step.PFUN-7418, 8055
When the "Load content of data grids automatically" option is disabled in PA General Settings, a reminder is displayed about the need to load the content of data grids manually by the Refresh button.PFUN-7665
LargeDealOptimizer: Duplicate function is available for Deal Plans.PFUN-7673, 8056, 8454
Embedded dashboards: Data/inputs in the parent dashboard persist after a child dashboard is opened and closed in a modal window.PFUN-7705
Mandatory Price List output elements defined in the advanced configuration are supported in Unity.PFUN-7927
PriceOptimizer: Logic executed to retrieve the declared inputs of one step can access the input values of the previous step.PFUN-8025
Payout Records can now be exported using publishing templates.PFUN-8067
LargeDealOptimizer: Key info, Drivers, Rounds and Round items are not user-editable in a submitted Deal Plan.PFUN-8286
In Quote, Contract and Rebate Agreement detail view (Ember version), column headers and horizontal scrollbars are displayed in Customer / Product / Customer Group / Product Group pickers.PFUN-8331
New user roles for PriceOptimizer have been added: View Models (PO_MODEL_RO) and Manage Models (PO_MODEL_MANAGER).PFUN-8450
PriceOptimizer: Access to Models (viewing, editing) can be restricted by user groups. Policy Records respect the entitlement of the Model with which they are associated.PFUN-8451
The URL query parameter uiLanguage now supports any language code and labels translated in I18N Administration will be displayed for that language if they exist. PFUN-8515

Bug Fixes

Dashboard: Bar&Line: BoxPlot is not center-aligned with columns.PFUN-6014
PA: Bar&Line: View Full Screen: BoxPlots for a measure are misaligned with columns.PFUN-6270
Quick search in ResultMatrix in Unity ignores leading zero.PFUN-6449
Quotes: Values in the in-line drop-down list are not visible for the last item in the table.PFUN-6767
PriceAnalyzer: Redundant options are displayed in the aggregation drop-down for axis or measure in chart / data table.PFUN-7073
Redundant input fields are passed to dashboard.PFUN-7360

Searching on date fields using the quick filter returns rows outside the 24-hr date range.

PriceAnalyzer: Warning message is not displayed for default waterfall if there are hidden fields in the Datamart.PFUN-7529
Configuration > General Settings: Some UI strings are not localized.PFUN-7607
LPG: Unable to click on Save button in Configure modal with "Edit LPG & Add Products" role.PFUN-7896

User with roles Administer Price Lists and Manage Price Lists Tree gets an error when trying to access MPL.

Charts: When there’s a text measure selected as an aggregation, it makes the tooltip scaled badly.PFUN-8059
User with General Admin and some user group can see only own user group in the detail of QuotePFUN-8071
Performance of opening Contracts / Rebate Agreements is slower in Vesper than in Collins.PFUN-8113
Some actions missing on the Workflow tab after submitting a document.PFUN-8144
Charts: User is unable to edit Expression Editor in the Add to Dashboard dialog.PFUN-8158
Product Extension label change is applied to a different PX when the PX list is at least two pages long.PFUN-8196
QuoteConfigurator: When custom header is used, menu is not displayed after clicking on cogwheel in Tree View.PFUN-8248
Unity does not render correctly DMFILTERBUILDER inside a configurator.PFUN-8253

Event Admin: General error when you delete value in Retries Left / Response column.

On the Quote, Contract and Rebate Agreement list page (React version), the Delete button is visible for all document statuses.PFUN-8283
HTML sanitization issue: Pricefx has improved and unified the way to treat various combinations of special characters in product data (such as <, >, {, /, !}.PFUN-8285
When I change Currency value in Rollups in unity, the value is not recalculated in desired currency.PFUN-8299
LargeDealOptimizer: Key Information – "NaN" is displayed in numeric fields when value==null in read-only mode.PFUN-8321
Quotes / Contracts / Rebate Agreements: Product Unit column name is not displayed in Product(s) / Product modal.PFUN-8322

Contract Mass Update – Unexpected error occurs when switching to Set Parameters tab.

Dashboard: Cascade filters – List of CustomerID is incorrect and it's duplicated after each selection.PFUN-8327
LargeDealOptimizer: Action items are inline editable in Done, Cancelled statuses.PFUN-8333
When creating a new LPG and selecting new products, the filter does not work for all fields listed.PFUN-8337
When in a configurator I add two radio input types, the first radio input type is always reset without any selected option despite I just selected it or set default value for it.PFUN-8341
Internationalization (i18nadmin) is loading only EN language labels.PFUN-8442
Dashboards: Refreshing one portlet causes the entire dashboard to refresh.PFUN-8492
Having a matrix within another matrix is not supported by Unity.PFUN-8507
In Vesper Unity, ALL users can see ALL Rebate Types when adding items to Rebate Agreements, even those they do not have access to.PFUN-8510
SAML certificate contains an extra carriage return at the end.PFUN-8572
Sanitization issue: CalculationResultMatrix is not sanitized (React, Ember).PFUN-8604, 8605
After login, UI is unresponsive and some time browser shows performance warning / error message.PFUN-8636
Excel Client: Customer master table's column restricted by List containing just 1 value causes error.PFUN-8664

Hot Fixes

The following hot fixes have been released for the 6.2 PR version:

6.2.1 PR

Memory leak in browser when viewing items.PFUN-8784
Unable to display results in Matrix window when column title contains the non-breaking space character.PFUN-8897
QuoteConfigurator: Cannot view items when input has a null label.PFUN-8904

6.2.2 PR

Unity by default shows all attribute columns when the Simulation detail page is opened.PFUN-9053

6.2.3 PR

When trying to insert items with special characters using the Import/Export functionality in Quote, you get an error.PFUN-9862

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