Vesper 6.4.0 PR

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the Pricefx Unity patch release version.

VersionUnity Vesper 6.4.0 PR
Release dateMar 28, 2021
Release typePublic

In this document:


PriceOptimizer: View preferences can be saved for the model list table.PFUN-9208
Tree view table memory leak when reloading the Quote Items page (by Recalculate, Mass Edit or other actions) has been fixed.PFUN-9365

Bug Fixes

The page tokens dataSourcesPage, dataAnalyzerPage, configWizardsPage, quoteTypesPage, productExtensionsPage and paRollupsPage do not work in Unity.PFUN-6897
Dashboards: The initial call for Dashboards with dynamic inputs takes too long.PFUN-8741
Read-only Rebate Agreements are not recalculated.PFUN-8913
BackgroundTrackedTaskStarter starting LPG calculations in multiple thread - concurrent access issue.PFUN-8941
Advanced filter: Date picker is missing in date attributes in Customer/Product Extensions.PFUN-8953
There is Chrome memory leak when viewing Quote items (in Ember).PFUN-9007
The job tracking page of the PriceOptimizer Models and OE Scenario is missing some information about the end time of jobs in case of error.PFUN-9010
In a Dashboard, when you set a time filter, it is not kept when the Dashboard is opened in a new tab.PFUN-9063
When a Data Load job is set to inactive and Pricefx Studio is used to deploy it, it accidentally deletes the scheduled job.PFUN-9086
QuoteConfigurator: Calculation summary is not displayed in Table View after upgrade to 6.3.PFUN-9147
RebateAgreements:  Calculation results for line items are not updated when underlying data changes.PFUN-9153
Some page tokens do not work in Unity and they cannot be used in the DashboardController and ResultMatrix for navigation using addButton, addLink or addHTML tags.PFUN-9179
Incremental Datamart refresh does not process recently flushed rows.PFUN-9299
Dashboards: Row selection in result matrix does not work.PFUN-9349
Dashboards: Excel download has numeric fields populated as text.PFUN-9406
Dashboards: Button links to incorrect Product Extension.PFUN-9408
Dashboards: The Refresh button is disabled after entering input values.PFUN-9410
Dashboards: Link to Price Parameter is not working.PFUN-9412

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