Supported Integrations

Pricefx suite allows you to export/import data from/to external systems or use the Pricefx capabilities directly in the CRM systems. 

Data Import/Export

The following external systems can be used for data exchange with Pricefx:

  • SAP
  • MS
  • Oracle
  • AS400

For details see IntegrationManager.

Pricefx Usage within CRM Systems

Supported CRM Systems

CRMSupported VersionInstallation Type
SAP C4C1911.004.xx and higherManual
Microsoft Dynamics2015 and higher
(must have support for iFrames extension and CRM API available)
SugarCRM9.x.x and higherInstallation package

Supported Pricefx Modules with Enabled Communication

  • QuoteConfigurator – Quotes
  • PromotionManager – Contracts

Other modules (PriceBuilder, PriceAnalyzer etc.) can be used but communication between the parent window and iframe is not supported.

Target CRM Modules

  • Account
  • Opportunity
  • Pricefx TAB

Technical Background

We use mashup integrations, i.e. we embed an iframe to the CRM system and the URL points to the Pricefx customer partition with Unity UI.

For communication between the parent window and the iframe with the Unity page, we use window.postMessage that enables cross-origin communication between a page and iframe embedded in it.

When a CRM user creates a new Quote in the embedded iframe, we are able to read information from the parent page and store it to the Quote inputs.

Typical examples:

  • Quote.Label → fill it with the
  • Quote.ExternalRef → Opportunity.Id
  • Quote.customerId  → Opportunity.Account.Id 


We work with two separate systems and each system has its own URL and data sets. It is necessary to integrate master data from the CRM to Pricefx:

  • Customer master
  • Product master
  • Data used for pricing logics which can be accessed from Product Extensions, Customer Extensions or Price Parameters


Single Sing-On is supported by the SAML protocol. We support both ways – initiated by the Identity Provider and Service Provider. 

The following providers have been used in Pricefx projects:  

  • MS Azure
  • OKTA
  • PING Identity
  • Salesforce as Identity Provider


  • Browsers. It is not recommended to use the old Internet Explorer browser due to incompatibility with attaching event listeners.