How to unregister from an Instructor-Led Training Event

Pricefx has a 4 business days cancellation policy. This means that you cannot unregister within 4 business days before the training begins.

This article describes how a student can unregister to an Instrcutor-Led Training Event.


  1. Sign in to the Pricefx Learning Hub:

  2. Click on the Pricefx Logo to open your dashboard.


  3. Hover over the Instructor-Led Training course for which you intend to register → Click on the triangle icon labeled Start of resume course.


  4. Click on Resume course.


  5. You will be brought to the page where it states which training you have registered up for:


  6. Hover above the green button Registered.


  7. The button will change appearance to Unregister → Click on it.


  8. The page will reload and display the selection of upcoming Instructor-Led Training Events.
    Note: you will NOT receive an email confirmation.

  9. If you want to register for another event, scroll down to the event you want to attend and click on Register.
    Note: you will receive a new email confirmation.

After unregistering from the ILT event, the course will remain on your dashboard, but it doesn’t mean that you’re still registered to the event.