How to add a course from the Course Catalog

Pricefx offer 2 types of training deliveries for many of our courses:

  • On-demand
    On-demand learning that includes videos and hands-on labs.

  • Instructor-led Training (ILT) Event
    Scheduled training event where participation is done through a video conference with a live, remote instructor.


  1. Sign in to the Pricefx Learning Hub:

  2. Select COURSE CATALOG from your dashboard.


  3. Locate the course you want to add for within the Course Catalog.


  4. Before adding the course, you can find out more about an individual course by clicking on the course title. Check out important detail like the Course Profile and the Training Readiness that provides any prerequisites


  5. Navigate back to the course catalog.


  6. Click on Get this course to add the course.
    Note: This adds the Course to your Home navigation.



  7. Click on Home to return to your Dashboard.


  1. If the course is an instructor-led course, you will be asked to register for an instructor-led training event.


If the course is an on-demand course which requires you to have access to a Pricefx partition, you will receive an email with Partition credentials.

Next steps

If your class is a Live, Instructor-led Event, you have a couple more steps left, including choosing among scheduled dates.

For On-Demand Training:

For Instructor-Led Training: