How to self-register for Instructor-led Training (ILT)

This article describes how to self-register for an Instructor-Led Training Event.

Before you can register for an Instructor-Led Training Event, you must add the course:

Adding a course gives you access to the course material, but it does not grant you access to a live, Instructor-Led Training event.

Instructor-led training events have a limited number of participants. If the class reaches its limit, you will not be able to register for that training event.

Instructor-led training events have a deadline for registration, 4 business days before the training starts. If you try to register after the deadline, you may be contacted to to move to a different date.


  1. Sign in to the Pricefx Learning Hub:

  2. Click on the Pricefx Logo to open your dashboard.


  3. Hover over the Instructor-Led Training course for which you intend to register → Click on the triangle icon labeled Start of resume course.


  4. Click on Start course.

    Result: The course profile appears for your review.


  5. Read the content → Scroll down to the bottom of the screen → Click [Completed.  Let’s continue].

    Note: The initial pages of a course start may vary depending on the course. Some courses, for example, do not include a Self-Assessment.

  6. Continue to review the pages until you get to the Self-Assessment. Please carefully review the Self-Assessment. The Self-Assessment ensure that your skills and role match what is required for the course.  On proceeding pages, you are asked to answer 3 questions.

  7. For each self-assessment question, click on the Text reply button. → Type “Yes” or “No” for each question. → Click Send your reply and continue.


  8. On the page Register Instructor-led Training Event, locate the training event you want to attend based on:

    • Training Time zone, Training Date. – the training date must be at least 4 business days in the future.

    • Capacity – shows how many total seats over how many are already taken.

  9. Click Register.



You will receive an email with an invitation to the event. Read all its content thoroughly. Review the prerequisites indicated in the email, it is important that you complete them before attending the live training event.

  • ILT Event registration confirmation:

If you decide to unregister, or change your training to an event on a different date, hover above the green button “Registered”. The text will change to “Unregister. When you click on it, you will have the option to change your decision.


When you unregister from a Instructor-Led Training Event, you will not receive an email notification. If you are uncertain whether you are registered, check the status in the Pricefx Learning Hub.

  • When registered for an ILT Event:


  • When NOT registered for an ILT Event:


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