How to Self-Register an Account on the Learning Hub

This article describes how an user can self-register an account on the Pricefx Learning Hub.

The following audiences can self-register accounts on the Pricefx Learning Hub.

For Pricefx internals, the account will be created automatically:


Before registering for any Pricefx training courses, you must Signup an account on the Pricefx Learning Hub

  1. Navigate to the Pricefx Learning Hub

  2. Select SIGNUP from the navigation bar.

  3. Complete the Sign up form.
    Note: We recommend using your email address as you USERNAME.
    Note: For ecosystem (partners only), please specify the ROLE that you are planning to serve within a Pricefx implementation.
    Note: All fields are required.  Please specify your Pricefx Manager Email.

    • For partners: PRICEFX MANAGER EMAIL


  4. Click on Create account.


Your account self-registration request is submitted to your Pricefx Manager for approval. You will receive an email like this.

Your manager will receive an email like this, allowing him/her to activate your account:

After your Pricefx manager has approved your request, you will receive a confirmation email and be able to Login to the Learning Hub using your Login Id and Password.

Next steps: Sign in

Read the documentation here: