How to start an On-Demand Course

Skip these instructions if you are registering for an Instructor-led Training (ILT) Training Event. 

Before you can start an on-demand course, you must add it:

On-Demand courses are comprised of instructional videos and hands-on labs. Please follow these steps to start your on-demand course.


  1. Sign in to the Pricefx Learning Hub:

  2. Click on the Pricefx Logo to open your dashboard.

  3. Click on Start course

  4. Carefully read any preparatory pages that are provided. Scroll down each page, click on Complete and continue to proceed to the next page.

When you see the first video, it’s time to start the Training!

Hover on top, right to access the course agenda.  Bold text is the current page, Normal text are previous pages, Grayed text are future pages not yet available.