PlatformManager 1.42.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateSep 24, 2021

In this document:

New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
In Integrations > Filters it is possible to create filters also for other connections than "pricefx". PFIM-3284
Email for permission assignment approval has been improved: there is now more information about involved users, user groups and accounts.PFIM-3633
General Mapper can now get metadata from user defined XML/XSD/JSON or URL. PFIM-3679
Before data upload to a partition, PlatformManager validates the CSV file whether is has correct types (String, Number, Date and DateTime). Lines with an error are displayed in the UI.PFIM-3728
Redirection to a newly deployed Accelerator from a confirmation email now better handles cases when there is an already running Accelerator in the application.PFIM-3894
For Accelerators and Packages, it is possible to specify which accounts can see them and deploy them. In Salesfx it is possible to define who owns an Accelerator/Package.PFIM-3904
You can be notified by email when a data upload finishes.PFIM-4041
When defining email recipients for an alert, you have greater flexibility because the maximum length of this field has been increased to 4000 characters.PFIM-4107
More information in Activity Log:
  - It is logged now when there is a new approver added to a workflow or an existing one deleted. PFIM-4118
  - Permission changes done to Accounts/Partitions/Integrations are logged now.PFIM-4143
  - When an SSO username is set, changed or removed, all the changes are recorded in the log with the old and new value in the context field.PFIM-4157
  - When a user group is assigned to a user, changed or removed, the changes are recorded in the log with the old and new value in the context field.PFIM-4158
In the Nodes overview, there are new columns with information from AWS (AWS Account column showing Account ID, AWS Zone column showing Availability zone).PFIM-4195

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
Monitoring of IM in PlatformManager creates false alarms.PFIM-3306
Separator "+" is not encoded properly in Data Upload and returns an error.PFIM-4027
When you delete an Accelerator from a partition, multiple confirmation messages are generated and displayed in Notifications in the top toolbar. PFIM-4070
In Overview > Accounts there is a fixed set of values in the Type column and filtering for other values is not possible.PFIM-4113
When you use upload from Templates Management for an up and running IM instance, you occasionally get an error.PFIM-4121
When you upload a CSV file with 20 failed records, only 10 rows are fetched by the ELK query info table.PFIM-4156
Workflow for Global Asset Class is not processed correctly, approval is not created and email is not sent.PFIM-4163
For particular accounts, partitions versions do not match versions of clusters/nodes.PFIM-4190
"Availability" is not shown in the user profile menu.PFIM-4202
When you try to delete a provisioned IM that is in Requested state, this IM instance cannot be deleted and is set on Delete_failed.PFIM-4207
In Profile > Availability, when you create/delete a time record and clic Save, POST /api/user-available-times is called twice with the same data causing an invalid state.PFIM-4209