PlatformManager 1.34.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateJan 29, 2021

In this document:

New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
In the "filter-form-ui" step it is possible now to add buttons to select/unselect all listed items.PFIM-1518
Asset permissions for user groups work now the same way as for individual users.PFIM-2088
When assigning permissions, it is possible to select multiple users / user groups or multiple assets. PFIM-2094
In Templates Management, you can now delete a specific template version from the repository.PFIM-2181
In Templates Management in Deployed Templates there is now a new column showing the template version.PFIM-2438
In the Integrations section, there is a new summary showing additional details on an IM instance - IM status and log, version, build info, Git commit, ELK statistics and system info.PFIM-2446
The Notifications section shows details also on tasks related to deploying Accelerator Packages and Integration Templates.PFIM-2603
In User Preferences it is possible now to set a default landing page which opens after you log into PlatformManager.PFIM-2786
In the User Edit screen there is now the Cancel button which allows you to leave the screen without saving the changes and to go back to the Users overview.PFIM-2921
From now on, the sections Routes, Mappers, Filters and Connections are not visible for manual IMs (unless they have the integration.configuration.enabled property enabled).PFIM-3096
It is possible to add your own offering in Marketplace.PFIM-3054
If you try to upload data to partition tables which are already in use, there is now a warning issued that simultaneous data uploads are not recommended.PFIM-3144
During optional fields mapping for customer/product data if there is a conflict in labels (label is the same as for mandatory fields), the corresponding field is marked red and a warning is displayed.PFIM-3145
DynamicPath should is only available in the create-datasource step and other PA related steps.PFIM-3154
If there is a filter defined in the Simulation Package Step and such field is not present in the target Data Source / Datamart, this filter is not applied. As a result, the simulation is portable even with a misconfigured filter.PFIM-3176
All package deployments which finish with an error are listed (with additional details) in the Failed Deployments section and they are kept there for 90 days.PFIM-3186
It is possible to reactivate a user account: when you create a new user account and enter a username which already exists in the database, PlatformManager informs you about it, pre-fills the stored user data and lets you activate the account again. PFIM-3200
It is possible to download the Overview tables (such as Accounts, Nodes, Upgrades) in the CSV format.PFIM-3295
It is possible to download the Account tables (Partitions, Integrations, Alerts, Reports) in the CSV format.PFIM-3296

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
When you remove the permission to see the Users section for a user and this user logs in and goes to Administration, a blank page is displayed (instead of redirecting to another subsection which the user still can see or hiding the Administration menu completely). PFIM-1156
When deploying CPQ Accelerator Package, the SKU column data type gets defined as Number with no way to change it.PFIM-2995
In Account > Integrations > Log History and in Account > Activity Log it is not possible to hide/display all of the columns.PFIM-3123
In Data Upload, there is a wrong error message if the file size of the upload file exceeds the limit.PFIM-3152
The Step Accelerator Package cannot be finalized due to an error in data conversion and there is no information about it for end users.PFIM-3207
When you are logged in PlatformManager, receive an email about successful Accelerator deployment and click the link in this email, you are redirected to the the PlatformManager login page.PFIM-3226
When you assign a new permission to a user in the global Administration section, all other permissions of this user disappear.PFIM-3227
When you use simulation.json to deploy, the resulting Simulation in the partition has incorrect field names.PFIM-3246
When you go to the Integrations Overview, apply a filter in the table, open details of one of the integrations and upgrade its version, the Integrations table shows incorrect data (for the given filter).PFIM-3250
Assigning assets to users is not user friendly because only partition "labels" are displayed. To improve this, the serial number of the partition was added to the list. PFIM-3256
General Mapper Integration Template finishes with an error.PFIM-3283
Filter deployment fails when it uses the notNull operator.PFIM-3305
There is an inconsistency when trying to open a partition either from the Overview page or from the menu within the Account page - some partitions can be opened from one place but not the other.PFIM-3329
When you go to Marketplace > Integration Templates and start to search for something, PlatformManager returns an error.PFIM-3343