PlatformManager 1.39.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateJul 2, 2021

In this document:

New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
In Template Management > Deployed Templates non-Pricefx users can see records only for partitions/IMs that they are entitled to view; Pricefx users can see all records.PFIM-2338
It is possible to rollback deployment of Failed and In Progress Accelerators and delete related objects which were already deployed.PFIM-3339
In the Route Definition section, you can add a custom link to documentation to provide more guidance for route editing options. PFIM-3341
For power users or integrators, it is possible to turn events on/off and specify how they should be consumed from PlatformManager without going to the Partition admin section. The key features include: event bitmask configuration for a selected partition, push event configuration, pull event configuration, email event configuration.PFIM-3536
Account Notifications improvements: 
- When creating an account notifications, there are new fields to better identify the job: Account, Partition and Target Name. PFIM-3704
- The Accounts Notifications table contains new columns to better identify the job: Partition name, IM Instance and Target name.PFIM-3705
- When scheduling an account notification, it is possible to select from these repeat intervals: never, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.PFIM-3707
- When creating an account notifications, there are new fields to better identify the job: Account and IM Name.PFIM-3708
- When setting up a notification, the trigger state value 'All' includes all existing states (and also those which might be added in the future).PFIM-3709

- Integration Notification can be triggered if a route is running longer than a defined maximum time.

- When a Route/Partition which had notifications defined is removed from PlatformManager, these notifications are also deleted.PFIM-3899
Tooltips and option names in the New Partition form have been improved. PFIM-3741
To improve usability, Accelerator and Account names (labels) have been added to various overview sections in PlatformManager.PFIM-3786
When logging in to PlatformManager for the first time, there is a new link to documentation to provide users with more guidance with the two factor authentication process. PFIM-3808
When mapping multiple fields during Data Upload, the definition is stored now as a new type - list of fields to combine. When the same combination is reused, it is shown as the same multiple fields definition (not as Groovy type like until now).PFIM-3823
When mapping fields during Data Upload, the formula in the mapper is always shown in letter notation (i.e. A + B), but internally it is stored with real field names (e.g. "sku" + "productLabel").PFIM-3824
It is possible to submit your own idea what could be improved in PlatformManager - in the Product Requests section. PFIM-3893
In the Product Requests section, it is possible for non-Pricefx users to vote for ideas published by others so that the idea gets promoted.PFIM-3900
From now on, the 'Permissions power user' permission can be assigned only to Pricefx users.PFIM-3909

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
In Integrations Overview, there is sometimes a wrong response from Elastic search on the number of failed records.PFIM-2649
It is not possible rename a deployed route.PFIM-3771
When you change a notification from Real Time Monitoring to Scheduled, the Repeat Interval option is not set to Never (it remains empty) and as a result, this notification is triggered and the email is sent every 30 seconds.PFIM-3788
When you run a Data Upload to a partition and there is an empty record in your data file, this empty row is not correctly displayed on the Data Mapping page.PFIM-3809
In Marketplace > Accelerators > Details, when you run the Version Integrity Check for a partition without defined credentials, you get a 500 error.PFIM-3835
In General Admin for the Pricefx partition, when you submit the General Admin form you are not redirected to the partitions list.PFIM-3857
During deployment to IM, filter defined in the UI ignores some attributes.PFIM-3865
When managing Atlassian user groups, not all users are listed in the create/edit group dialog.PFIM-3878
When you create a new manual IM Instance and it is not connected to a running IM instance, opening the Loggers tab displays an insufficient error message. PFIM-3882
When you click "Delete Route" in route options, there is a confirmation popup window, but there is no option to confirm the operation, there is only cancel.PFIM-3883
When managing Atlassian user groups, group members are visible only when the group is linked to some project in PlatformManager.PFIM-3885
It is not possible to log in with non-latin chars (chars with diacritics, emojis etc.) in the password.PFIM-3919
It is not possible to upgrade a cluster: available clusters failed to load.PFIM-3929
Global alerts are generated and sent by email but they are not visible in the Global Alerts section.PFIM-3967