PlatformManager 1.41.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateAug 27, 2021

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New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
In Account > Integrations > Integration Overview, visibility of information in Log History has been improved.PFIM-1299
In Account > Activity Log, more details have been added when account contacts' visibility was activated/deactivated.PFIM-2946
The step integration-properties can fetch connection information and pre-fill it in the template.PFIM-3132
There is a new column Integration Type containing information which integrations/routes were created by a template and which manually. You can find it in Account > Integrations > Integration overview > Integrations tab and in Account > Integrations > Routes.PFIM-3340
Version of deployed package is now stored also at the partition in the "deployedAccelerators" Price Parameter table and users can check it without accessing PlatformManager.PFIM-3368
In Overview > Partitions there is a new column Account Type showing whether the partition is created as POC, Customer, Partner, etc.PFIM-3451
When a cluster stops reporting (the last recorded message is more than 2 weeks old), it is deleted (after the deletion is approved in a workflow).PFIM-3516
The Partition Type is synced with Salesfx or taken from the cluster or added automatically, so that a scenario with a missing value is always handled.PFIM-3615
When a user / user group is deleted from PlatformManager, they are deleted from the workflow definition as well. When you run a workflow which has no user/group assigned (they were deleted), an error message is displayed.PFIM-3640
When creating a new notification, there is a new option Target all which allows you to monitor all objects at a partition which reach a certain status.PFIM-3710
Error messages in Data Upload have been improved to be more informative and user friendly.PFIM-3850
Packages can be associated with a specific account (in Salesfx) and protected by permissions – you can define who can see the package, deploy it and manage it.PFIM-3903
The email notification on failed records now has better identification of the IM instance and failed records and also contains a link back to the instance. PFIM-3910
It is possible to configure single sign-on for individual accounts in PlatformManager: PlatformManager acts as a Service Provider and can integrate with an Identity Provider, such as Okta, Active Directory or Salesforce.PFIM-3923
When IM instance cannot be reached (the last response is more than 2 weeks old), it is deleted (after the deletion is approved in a workflow).PFIM-3938
There is a new permission Versions Management which controls access to the IntegrationManager Versions and Constants sections.PFIM-3970
When an approval workflow for permission assignment is triggered, the assignee's name is now mentioned in the approval request in My approvals, in email notification and Activity log.PFIM-3975
Startup of provisioned IMs has been improved thanks to the fact that a health check runs immediately after the instance registration.PFIM-3983
It is possible to retrieve the metadataUri field from a given mapper inside a Camel route. PFIM-4004
When working with Atlassian groups, all actions are logged in PlatformManager in Activity Logs (under Account or in Administration).PFIM-4010
Deactivated users are synchronized with Salesfx: if they are assigned the "No longer with company" flag in Salesfx, their user accounts in PlatformManager are deleted.PFIM-4019
If the Account type in Salesfx is set to Admin, you can create for that account any type of partition for any cluster associated with this Admin type.PFIM-4020

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
The quick login menu (PFX icon in the top right toolbar) still contains an expired General Admin user.PFIM-3290
When you change a password and enter a wrong value, an error message appears, so you click the Cancel button, but the message is not cleared.PFIM-3605
In Offers, when trying to upload a new logo bigger than 0.5 MB, there is no information displayed why the action cannot be completed.PFIM-3724
When you add a new certificate in Account > Integrations > IM instance and leave some of the mandatory fields empty, there is no validation during saving.PFIM-3742
During  Integration Template deployment, the step "integration-properties" returns an error response.PFIM-3756
In Product Requests the Description column is not displayed correctly and it duplicates information.PFIM-3818
When you stop an IM instance in the Warning state, the state is not changed to Stopped.PFIM-3852
Sorting in some tables is incorrect.PFIM-3856
After you successfully deploy a template from the Details page in Templates Management, you are redirected to Marketplace > Accelerator Packages (instead of Accelerators).PFIM-3861
Integration Template deployment from The Details page does not properly validate the new name of integration.PFIM-3862
When you start deployment of a template (package) from Template Management and there is some unfinished process, the info dialog is displayed twice. PFIM-3897
When you right-click drop-down item in an overview table, PlatformManager goes down.PFIM-3952
Partition/Integration names are missing in the Global Alerts table.PFIM-3971
When you send two different files via integration, they are correctly recognized as two distinct messages but they are aggregated into one record and it is no longer possible to view a log entry for an error in one of those messages.PFIM-3978
When you try to create a new partition and there is no default approval workflow for it, the process fails without any notification.PFIM-3980
Connection is marked as Changed even though nothing changed in deployment. PFIM-3982
When deploying a package, there is an error in the first step. But when you click Try Again, everything works correctly.PFIM-3985
In the Product Requests section, it is not possible to submit a new request if it contains the new line character.PFIM-3997
Filter (All, Enabled, Disabled) for the monitoring column does not work.PFIM-4085