PlatformManager 1.44.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateNov 22, 2021

In this document:

New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
In Partition Overview in Event Admin there is newly a Refresh button to allow you to check quickly if the events were processed.PFIM-4101
In Administration, there is a new section Feature Flags allowing you to view all partitions using a specific Unity feature flag and to control how the feature flags are used in Unity.PFIM-4160
The Clusters overview has a new column Account to show the cluster parent records.PFIM-4177
You can speed up the Data Mapping step using field aliases (alternative names). The source file fields will get mapped to the Pricefx fields automatically if their name matches either the exact Pricefx field name or one the aliases.PFIM-4192
It is possible now to create a Datamart with /wiki/spaces/PM/pages/3830350175.PFIM-4206
Assignment of the permission to delete a partition can be handled through an approval workflow.PFIM-4265
To communicate clearer, requests in the Product Requests table now can have more states (such Gathering Interest or Parked).PFIM-4318
PlatformManager shows now only active Pricefx Accounts and their assets, according to a new field Account Status in Salesfx.PFIM-4338
Partition feature flags changes (both individual and bulk updates) are tracked now in Activity Log.PFIM-4435

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
During Data Upload, it is not possible to set Data Mapping by a field Label (only Name can be entered).PFIM-4238
During Data Upload, data is incorrectly parsed in case of the following separator * | `.PFIM-4324
In the Data Uploads overview, the 'Updated at' column is not updated for the latest Data Upload / Send File operation.PFIM-4335
Technical user for a partition can be assigned user roles even for modules that are not active on the given partition.PFIM-4381
Permissions are kept in the database even for partition assets that have the Deleted status.PFIM-4391
There is an exception in the UI every time you switch to the Account section.PFIM-4397
Changes to event configuration are not stored correctly due to caching.PFIM-4423
When creating a new provisioned IM instance, there are no values offered for the Environment field. PFIM-4427
In Marketplace, when you want to select a partition where to deploy an Accelerator or Integration Template, the partition name filtering does not work.PFIM-4433
There are incorrect FTP credentials in the confirmation email. PFIM-4452
Detection of missing partition permissions does not work correctly for new users.PFIM-4456