PlatformManager 1.37.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateMay 7, 2021

In this document:

New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
Log entries are kept for the last 3 months only, the rest is archived and stored.PFIM-2400
If there are multiple Pricefx connections defined in IntegrationManager and a selected Integration Template requires a connection, there is a drop-down showing all available connections.PFIM-2802
When an approval workflow is triggered, users are notified about it by a popup message and an email.PFIM-3337
There are new overviews of deployed Accelerators - Deployment Log in the Account menu and Accelerators tab in Partition Overview.PFIM-3338
When specifying mandatory fields for the integration step /wiki/spaces/PM/pages/3831070997, the 'type' field now supports the following values: text, textarea, filter, password, select, select_ext, int.PFIM-3417
Partition identifier has changed to UUID; if not available serial number is used.PFIM-3484
When scheduling a notification, it is possible to have it repeated daily.PFIM-3537
When setting up a notification, it is possible to decide whether the notification email will contain advanced technical details or not. PFIM-3538
To make upgrade scheduling easier for Ops Teams Managers, there is a possibility to view available time slots that their team members published - in a new section Upgrade SlotsPFIM-3540
If you have the global permission to edit default workflows, you can also edit the global workflows (valid for all accounts). PFIM-3542
In My Approvals section, it possible to learn more about a request without opening the edit mode - there is an inline option 'View Detail'. PFIM-3547
Creating new notifications is now also possible in the Notification Rules section, using a blank form (in addition to using a prefilled form for a specific object).PFIM-3551
The notification email provides now more technical details to identify the job and its environment (e.g. TypedId, UUID, processing node, Pricefx version).PFIM-3557
It is possible to upload a custom logo also for Accelerators/Packages (in the Templates Management section).PFIM-3562
When setting up a new notification, the option 'Did not run' is available only when a scheduled time is selected (not in Real time monitoring). PFIM-3588
There is now support for deployment of selected dashboards defined in a step (configuration of Plan Type).PFIM-3589
In the Partition Access Entitlement section, there is a warning shown to user having insufficient user roles in the partition. This warning lists all of the missing rights.PFIM-3613
When an approval workflow finishes, the user is informed about it by an email.PFIM-3617
Design of users and groups management has been unified.PFIM-3641
Permissions whose assignment goes through an approval workflow are now marked with a question mark icon and provided with an explanatory tooltip.PFIM-3680
In Integration Templates, the select field has been changed to support just plain string as a default value.PFIM-3686
Data load is now identified with dataloadId in the response from the IM dataload.PFIM-3726

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
In Data Upload, the "Add Custom Field" button is missing when there is no grouped field.PFIM-3558
When you create a partition and fill in the form with valid data, some records in the log are null.PFIM-3593
During Package deployment, the step 'data-upload-ui' allows to adjust the length of the business key but does not send this adjustment in the request.PFIM-3594
In Activity log, the executor name is Null when the requested permission is being set.PFIM-3643
Even though a user has no permissions such as alerts.edit/integration.edit/integration.use/partition.events_jobs.edit, the action Create Alerts/ Edit is still available but returns an error.PFIM-3648
Partition creation fails due to Salesfx synchronization issues.PFIM-3675
In some case, Integration Templates data upload finishes with errors.PFIM-3676
IM registration to PlatformManager via Kafka does not work correctly.PFIM-3682
Setting user rights fails when the user tries to remove a permission.PFIM-3699
It is not possible to use the same input value in a mapper multiple times.PFIM-3700
Route check alerts are not displayed in the alerts overview.PFIM-3701
Email aggregation of route check alerts is not correct.PFIM-3711
If a particular job is executed very often (few times per minute), the monitoring alert does not work correctly. PFIM-3713
The Global asset class permission can be set via All accounts permission to any user even though the default workflow for this action is still in progress.PFIM-3721
Filtering and sorting on the Account column in the Workflow table does not work.PFIM-3722
Users without the workflow permissions can still see the Workflow tab in the menu.PFIM-3739
Mass deleting users from User Group does not work.PFIM-3750