PlatformManager 1.43.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateOct 22, 2021

In this document:

New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
For provisioned IM instances created in AWS it is now possible to manage SFTP server in PlatformManager (beta version).PFIM-3172
Warnings for IM instances now include also ELK messages.PFIM-3300

There is a new option Quick Data Upload (beta version) which allows you to send CSV files that are prepared to exactly match the target tables and which can skip the parsing and mapping step.

If Partition, IM instance, Account, Contact, Cluster or Relation are deleted in Salesfx, it is correctly reflected in PlatformManager.PFIM-4046, PFIM-4047, PFIM-4048, PFIM-4049, PFIM-4050, PFIM-4051
Using the new permission Marketplace Non Approved – Manage users can now access the Templates Management section to manage their own packages.PFIM-4130
Email notifications on finished Data Upload newly contain the information who started the deployment, when and at which partition.PFIM-4164
There are improved error messages when Data Upload via Accelerator fails.PFIM-4169
In Marketplace > Templates Management the Permissions settings have been simplified – if the package is public, no additional fields are displayed.PFIM-4181
New integration types uat, test and poc have been added when creating a new integration (both provisioned and manual). PFIM-4182
When the status of a scheduled cluster upgrade changes to Approved or Cancelled, the user who requested the upgrade and other recipients of the event are notified by email.PFIM-4199
When a permission is added/removed for a partition/integration, it is recorded in Activity Log in the context field – together with the account name to which the change relates.PFIM-4248
In the overview tables for clusters, partitions and nodes there is a new column Check-in Date which shows when the last check-in was done.PFIM-4250
In Integrations > Settings > Management it is newly possible to use the domain in the managementUrl field. (Until now, only, and were allowed.)PFIM-4280
During Accelerator deployment, it is possible to upload data into the Seller master table.PFIM-4308

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
Input field in the Advanced filter for is one of / is not one of does not save the value as a "field" when it is directly entered into the input.PFIM-3880
There are duplicate data generated when using business key in CPQ Accelerator deployment.PFIM-3973
Alert for IM error ConcurrentModificationException was not generated.PFIM-4198
When you create a new Report in Account > Reports and click Execute, the report is not executed.PFIM-4221
When IM instance is down, the email notification contains unexpectedly the word NULL in the subject.PFIM-4222
In Accelerators, stepRef with data-load does not work, the data is not accessible.PFIM-4223
When you try to reset password at Account > Partitions > Partition Access Entitlement, it fails.PFIM-4228
Failed Data Upload has no records in the CSV validation errors table.PFIM-4232
ClusterAsset base URL is not set when the cluster already exists; it is set only for a new ClusterAsset. PFIM-4234
There is no paging option for the Records table in the Integration overview. PFIM-4236
Cluster which are not updated but still live should not be deleted after 14 days of not responding to the UnavailabilityCheckJobService job.PFIM-4251
When using Data Upload with the Sales Insights Package, there are errors.PFIM-4283
A new IM based on 2.0.0 archetype with the property spring.config.import=optional:configserver: cannot start. Without this property, IM starts.PFIM-4284
When a node (register_node_info) does not report (its state is null in the database), it is not possible to schedule upgrade for it.PFIM-4317