PlatformManager 1.35.0

This document summarizes major improvements and fixes introduced in the PlatformManager release version.

Release dateMar 12, 2021

In this document:

New Features and Improvements

Improvement DescriptionID
When creating a new partition, the input form guides users towards well defined partitions (e.g. when it is for demo purpose, only certain clusters are available for selection or when the it is PoC partition, users have to enter after which date it can be deleted etc.)PFIM-1630
It is possible to create a Support user at a partition (user with the 'Investigate for Support' role) directly from the partition row menu. PFIM-1635
It is possible to create global roles for assets (i.e. multiple accounts and/or combinations of selected partitions and integrations). Working with global asset roles is similar to the account asset roles. PFIM-2095
Usage of the advanced data manipulation options in Data Upload has been simplified: all of these options are now part of the Advanced Field Editor.PFIM-3060
It is possible to assign permissions covering all of the accounts/integrations/partitions in PlatformManager. This option (Global Asset Class tab in permissions assignment) is available only to power users from Pricefx. PFIM-3181
New provisioned IM instances follow now the same naming convention, enforced by the entry form. The format is: pim-<account>-<environment>PFIM-3292
There is a new set of conditions to support and streamline PlatformManager /wiki/spaces/PM/pages/3829924072.PFIM-3293
In Marketplace, it is possible now to download the list of all/deployed/failed templates in the CSV format.PFIM-3297
In Administration Tab it is possible to export most of the tables (e.g. users, groups) to a CSV file. PFIM-3298
Clusters list is now fully synchronized with records in Salesfx (based on the serial number field). If some information is missing in Salesfx or PlatformManager and it is known, it is added automatically in the other place.PFIM-3308
When creating a new partition, it is possible to request a Support team assistance and specify your requirements.PFIM-3322
In the Simulation step, it is possible now to choose the filter operator.PFIM-3350
You can be notified when a cluster upgrade is scheduled and your integration is running there.PFIM-3373
Fields in Advanced Configuration are dynamically updated after the Simulation step setup.PFIM-3442
In Integration Templates, the general mapper step prefills converterExpression if it is present in metadata.PFIM-3499

Fixed Issues

Bug DescriptionID
When multiple users are selected, the row menu for single user setup is still available, which can be confusing (once you use this row menu, the multiselection is ignored). PFIM-2937
There are duplicated error messages on incorrect credentials.PFIM-3045
Cached ELK search query in log tables leads to an empty table shown for the log.PFIM-3165
There are missing icons for Integration Templates in Marketplace.PFIM-3166
When you click 'Deploy' for an Accelerator, there is no way to navigate back and see the original screen with the Deploy and Detail buttons.PFIM-3167
When you set a filter set in Account > Alert Rules, it is incorrectly applied also in Administration > Global Alert Rules.PFIM-3170
Some filters are not stored within one session.PFIM-3185
When a partition password expires, you get a system error (instead of a user friendly message). PFIM-3204
In Step Package, the parameter 'description' can be still be used in the step package definition even though it is obsolete.PFIM-3208
In User Rights > Assets, the asset form does not have separate sections for integrations and partitions, they are all in one list.PFIM-3228
When creating a new partition, the list of clusters to select from is empty and so it is not possible to finish the creation.PFIM-3288
Modification of a filter is not properly applied to a deployed route. Changes of the pfx entity are not reflected in the output.

In Account > User Rights > User Groups, the option Edit group does not work.PFIM-3313
When setting up user rights, a user without the permission.power.user permission can still see the "Permissions" button.PFIM-3314
When you delete a route at the Route tab, the route still exists and is running in the Integration overview > Integrations. It is necessary remove the route again in the Integrations overview.PFIM-3317
When you start importing an Integration Template and the import is not finished, the next import cannot be started because there are two records for the same version and same name of the template in the package_deployment_state table.PFIM-3328
When creating a new partition, Salesfx contacts are not visible in the drop-down.PFIM-3345
Some activity logs records have 'null' instead of a module INTEGRATION record.PFIM-3352
In Integrations tables, the value for the 'Remote configuration supported' column differs, depending where you look at it (Overview section, Account section or exported file).PFIM-3354
The Integrations tab with the new health and monitoring fields is slow.PFIM-3357
When you go to Account > User Rights > Users/Groups and open permissions of any user/group, it is not possible to see which Asset Role has been assigned.PFIM-3369
Sorting in the Users and Groups tables does not work correctly (namely sorting by Created by, Group, Created at).PFIM-3371
Validation for the step type ‘append-to-pp-ui’ does not work properly.PFIM-3372
It is not possible to save and share a query in the Activity Log screen.PFIM-3388
Failed and deployed deployments should be sorted in descending order by date, so that the most recent items are at the top. PFIM-3402
Synchronization of a deleted account throws an exception.PFIM-3404
Sometimes package_deployment_state is duplicated in the database and the user cannot procced with deployment.PFIM-3405
In the Nodes section, Major Version naming breaks sorting. To fix this, there are now separate columns: 'Version' containing the name and 'Release version' containing the number which can be used for sorting.PFIM-3410
In Integrations > Management > Settings the host name validator in Instance Management URL needs to be updated.PFIM-3422
When creating a new partition, the partition name validation is missing.PFIM-3426
In Activity Log, the update and delete events are not properly recorded.PFIM-3429
Monitoring of IntegrationManager health sometimes generates false warnings.PFIM-3430
The step ‘append-to-pp’ does not contain the ui: attribute (for step's label and description).PFIM-3433
Unique ID is missing in the route general mapper.PFIM-3434
There are no current log messages in Account > Activity Log.PFIM-3440
When trying to delete a user from the project and this user's permissions were granted in Administration, the displayed error message is insufficient.PFIM-3448
User can be deleted from a project even though this user has the All Assets permission.PFIM-3449
Users are duplicated on The Clusters Upgrade page.PFIM-3455
In Waterfall Form, non-existing fields in Datamart are not removed from definition displayed to end users.PFIM-3466
Partition Label is synchronized and regularly rewritten from two sources.PFIM-3475
PlatformManager - Accelerators validation fails on a first dependency when a non existent dependency occurs. PFIM-3478
Business role permissions cannot be unassigned from an asset. PFIM-3507